[Archive] Daemonic Engine - Kollossus (Using Mr. Hunt's Ruleset)


Here’s a build for my Kollossus using all 100 points of Daemonic Upgrades

Kollossus - 240 points----------Demonic Engine - 105 PointsDaemonsmith - 35 pointsColossal - 20 pointsInfernal Breath - 20 pointsFerocious - 20 pointsIronclad - 10 pointsRazor Claws - 25 pointsEruption Cannon - 5 pointsKollossusM  Ws Bs S  T  W  I  A  Ld6  4  3  5  6  5  1  5  4MonsterLarge TargetTerrorUnbreakableRampageFire ThrowerKilling BlowArmour Save: 4+Breath Weapon: Str 3
This seems like an appropriate build for this model.  Quite deadly too, 5 attacks at Strength 5 with Killing Blow, and two Flame Weapons.

What do you think?  Did I miss anything obvious?


he is beautiful, no idea on the rule TBO

Thommy H:

I’d probably have used Hothgar to give him Infernal Breath so you can represent the cannon in its mouth and the flame throwers on its shoulders, but I can see why you’d want to keep it at 100 points of Upgrades (like if you don’t want to use Hothgar all the time…).

I was going to talk about the Razor Claws too - see, what’s interesting about Killing Blow is that, the higher a model’s Strength and the more Attacks it has, the less useful it is, so I was about to question taking them, but then I saw that the model actually does have Razor Claws… And that’s really the whole point of the Daemonic Upgrade system! I want people to be able to assign rules to any mad creation they can come up with; it’s my little rules-based ode to the ingenuity of Chaos Dwarf gamers. Like with the old 40K vehicle design rules: it’s not for making uber monsters in rules terms: it’s for making it okay to take the craziest contraption you can glue together to a game.

Oh, and don’t forget that he follows the Monster and Handlers rules as well…


Haha, ya, I chose Razor Claws because that’s what he has.

And yes, I am trying to not include Hothgar if I can.

I’d probably have used Hothgar to give him Infernal Breath so you can represent the cannon in its mouth and the flame throwers on its shoulders

Thommy H
Surely the Fire Thrower upgrade will suffice? It can just represent all 3. Incidentally, what are the rules for Fire Throwers? How do they work? Are breath weapons better? Wish I had my Rulebook at work… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thommy H:

Fire throwers are in the RBRB, with the rest of the war machines. They just shoot the flame template an Atrillery dice’s worth of inches away, essentially. It can represent whatever you want, of course, but I see two different types of gun on that model, and the Upgrades you’ve got only give him one to play with. Your Kollossus and Ishkur’s Shatterbeast were exactly what I was thinking of when I gave Daemonic Engines back the option for Infernal Breath.

Of course, breath weapons ain’t exactly all that in 8th anyway…


Great Horns shall be swapped out for Infernal Breath then.

I’d gladly drop Great Horns for it.  As this model likely does not use them to attack anyway.


The wording for the misfire chart on a roll of 1 is a bit misleading. It says “Every unit within 3D6” takes D6 Strength 5 hits. Then remove the unit from play."

It almost sounds like every unit within 3D6 would be removed from play.

Thommy H:

Yep. I’ve been tweaking the wording on some of the other Misfire results already, so I’ll make that change too.