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Hey there. I recently got an idea to complement dwarf engeneering runes. Daemonic posessions! These could be like runes and be put on warmachines for a few (or many) points. I don’t have time now, but I’ll write down some of my ideas later.


- Kyte

PS: You may post your ideas too!


Not exactly a new idea, this one, but still a good 'un.

Still, here are my ones from an upcoming homemade army-book.

The Kolossus can take Engine and Automoton, the Iron Golems can take Automoton, the Hellcannon and Doomblaster can take Engine, and the Death Rocket and Earthshaker can take Engine or Ammunition.


A. What are Daemonic Upgrades?

Daemonic Upgrades are improvements made to the daemonic warmachines of the Chaos Dwarfs. When buying a Death Rocket, Doomblaster, Earthshaker, Iron Golems, Kolossus or a Hellcannon you may buy various upgrades to use with each one. The nature of these upgrades varies greatly, from spellbinding runes to new types of ammunition. To distinguish these Daemonic Upgrades they are split into three separate categories: Automoton Upgrades, Engine Upgrades, and Ammunition Upgrades. The categories the unit may purchase upgrades from and the points limit on those upgrades are detailed in its unit entry. A single warmachine may not have multiples of the same upgrade, but different warmachines can buy the same upgrade(s) if you wish.

B. Daemonic Upgrades

1. Automoton Upgrades[/u]Bull Form: 25 Points

Some daemonic engines are cast in the form of bulls or other daemon-beasts, or are equipped with powerful hoofed legs that propel them across the battlefield.

The unit has +1 Movement.

Unholy Strength: 25 Points

Whether equipped with improved pistons or bulging with unnatural muscle, this automoton is even stronger than normal, smashing through armour plate with ease.

The unit has +1 Strength.

Iron Whirlwind: 25 Points

Designed with additional metal arms, a prehensile tail, or simply swifter on the attack than its fellows, these dark engines can tear through enemy regiments in moments.

The unit has +1 Attack. A Kolossus with this upgrade adds 1 attack to its total after the Artillery Dice has been rolled, unless it misfires or rolls a 10.

Reinforced Armour: 20 Points

The automoton has been gifted with further protection, heavy metal plates welded over its vulnerable areas to shield them from the enemy.

The unit has +1 to its Armour Save.

Arcane Equalizer: 15 Points

An engineer has upgraded the machine to include a complex device developed by the Dumendrikuli, designed to siphon off daemonic energy and lessen the engine’s vulnerability to magic.

The unit loses Daemonic Aura and Daemonic Attacks, but gains a 5+ Ward Save.

2. Engine Upgrades[/u]Chaos Disruption: 50 Points

A dense heat shimmer rises from the ground around the machine, distorting the air and breaking the focus of those who try to concentrate on it.

Shooting at the Daemonic Engine has a -1 To Hit Penalty.

Daemon Bile: 30 Points

The foul spirit bound inside the warmachine can spew out acidic bile, daemonic fire, or any manner of deadly and disgusting substances, burning through armour and flesh.

The Daemonic Engine gains the special rule Spew Ichor.

Spell Eater: 25 Points

Sickly runes engraved on the warmachine draw mystical energy toward it, whilst the daemons trapped within its shell thirst for the cool gush of magic to fill their stomachs.

The Daemonic Engine counts as having a Dispel Scroll.

Soul Hunger: 25 Points

The monster of flesh and brass seeks to devour the souls and flesh of mortals to quench the flames of hunger that burn in the bowels of its metallic belly.

The Daemonic Engine can re-roll failed To Hit rolls in Close Combat

Malevolent Intellect: 25 Points

A brooding and malevolent intelligence lurks within the machine’s iron shell, guiding the shells and rockets it spits with an uncanny accuracy.

The Daemonic Engine can re-roll the Scatter Dice once per turn.

3. Ammunition Upgrades[/u]

Diabolic Payload: 35 Points

A malicious horde of tiny, minor daemons swarm from the detonations of the engine’s missiles, picking flesh from bone and clawing at the eyes of those who get too close in their brief time in the material plane.

One unit that is hit at least once by the Daemonic Engine in the Shooting Phase take an additional 2D6 S2 hits with a -2 Armour Save modifier.

Daemonic Pulse: 30 Points

A strange wave of daemonic energy flows from the point of impact, filling the minds of those it is directed against with an all-consuming fear and panic.

One unit that takes at least one wound from the Daemonic Engine in the Shooting Phase must take a Panic Test as though it had taken 25% casualties.

Blood Rune: 25 Points

Daemonsmiths have etched or seared marks of their bull god onto the shells and rockets of the warmachine, and further consecrated them with burning entrails and slave blood.

Re-roll all failed Partial Hits rolls.

Ethereal Flames: 20 Points

A sign of Tzeentchian daemons bound to the ammunition, multicoloured flames swirls around the craters left by the machine. The strange fires dance and whirl, twisting and mutating that which should have simply burned.

Any unit that is hit at least once by the Daemonic Engine in the Shooting Phase takes an additional D6 SD6 hits.

Bound Hellfire: 5 Points

Alchemical and arcane flames trail after the shots of the warmachine, scorching the enemy with the intensity of a volcano.

Wounds caused by the Daemonic Engine in the Shooting Phase are Flaming.

Lord Zarkov:


Thats excellent Revlid!


Ya, Revlid has a bunch of great stuff. He pretty much has his own Army Book. :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I really like those, but think that the Diabolic Payload should be at least 40 points. 2D6, even at S2, is quite a few, especially combined with a -2AS modifier AND the original impacts… Otherwise, it looks good quality!


I don’t even recognize most of the WarMachines that Revlid listed…


That’s really cool revlid. Lucky Kyte started this thread, eh?


The whole thing’ll be posted soon, anyway.

Hashut’s Blessing:

[[Kollosus]] is something from Grudgebearer and the Doomblaster and Iron Golems are “home-made” units.


Then lets have a thread started about WarMachines and get the stats for those three things down (as well as listing the already existing WarMachines and discussing how they do/should function)


—Okay, I’ll repost here. Revlid’s idea is so cool that it got me thinking about the Hellcannon. What if it were simply an Earthshaker with a whole pile of upgrades? This would require some serious editing to the list of options Revlid has, but I think that it is a worthwhile idea. Hobgoblyn, any idea when that War Machine thread you planned will be appearing?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I really like those, but think that the Diabolic Payload should be at least 40 points. 2D6, even at S2, is quite a few, especially combined with a -2AS modifier AND the original impacts… Otherwise, it looks good quality!