[Archive] Daemon's Stump Army List - Anyone?


After reading grimstonefire’s article about his combat engineers, i thought of an idea

The daemon’s stump surely must have some sort of milita to protect the valluble experiments goin on inside

I myself am i gearhead, and was wondering if anybody would make up such a list, as i dont really have the warhammer rulebook, and the list would be unbalanced

any ideas?


whats the daemon stump

Uzkul Werit:


All you need to know about the stuff of daemons.


whats the daemon stump

It is a place in the Darklands, which can be seen on the map below (just above the words "Howling Wastes"):

As for what one would find there...
I'm guessing they would have a lot of Engineers, more or less similar to the normal Dwarf ones, and piles of weaponry and training facilities, a bit like Nuln.


Hellcannons by the dozen.

Posessed earthshakers and rockets as in Grudgebearer.

Engineers and sorcerers. Blunderbusses.

Kollosus (?)

Lot of immortals if you follow Grims fluff.

I think (most will already know) the old background talk about deamons the CD sorcerers conjured to repel an invasion.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Do we know anything about the demon’s stump at all, other than the name and where it is…? As far as I can see, there are no hints whatsoever as to what an army from that lair would look like.


Well, from the fluff i read (god knows where) it was basically the big big workshop, where all the big, killy daemon machines are made and tested

I read that all the engineers were sent to work there after the hammer of hashut incedent (when a bloody big death rocket blew up half of zharr nagarund) to test thier infernal machines

Basically an engineer army[/align]


On Daemon’s Stump.

Rules for Combat Engineers for the Nemesis Crown by me, based off costing and rules in my current finished list.

Special Unit Choice
Combat Engineers: 9 pts per model

__________________M WS BS S T W I A Ld Combat Engineer   3  4  4 3 4 1 2 1  8 Engineer Enforcer 3  4  4 3 4 1 2 2  8 
Unit Size: 10+
Equipment: Two Handweapons, Heavy Armour, Shield
- One Combat Engineer may be upgraded to a Musician for +5 pts.
- One Combat Engineer may be upgraded to a Standard Bearer for +10 pts.
- One Combat Engineer may be upgraded to an Engineer Enforcer for +10 pts.
- Any unit of Combat Engineers may be given one of the following upgrades:
* Alchemical Blades (+1 pt/model): The Combat Engineers’ attacks are Armour Piercing and Flaming.
* Apprentice Engineers (+1 pt/model): Once per turn, any one friendly Warmachine within 6" of the Combat Engineers may choose to re-roll either the Scatter Dice, or a result on a Misfire Table.
* Spike-Bombs (+2 pts/model): The Combat Engineers are equipped with Spike-Bombs (Thrown Weapon, 8" Range, S4, Armour Piercing, Hits are multiplied into D3 Hits).
* Terrain Engineers (+3 pts/model): The unit of Combat Engineers may Scout. If they deploy in a wooded terrain piece they may choose to remove D3 Trees from it after all other deployment has finished.
* Blunderbusses (+4 pts/model): The Combat Engineers are equipped with Blunderbusses.
Special Rules: Unyielding, Implacable, 0-1 per Arcane Engineer