[Archive] Daemonsmiths with War Machines


Is it a good idea to stick a Daemonsmith with a war machine? Seems nice to make the Deathshrieker a bit more reliable, and I have to put him somewhere, but he only gets the rubbish Look Out Sir roll. Presumably he can’t give the war machine any additional protection if he were to be carrying an item that bestows bonuses to the unit the character is with, nor will he be affected by the war machine getting destroyed somehow. Really, he only counts as being near the war machine, so he is still going to be magnet for shooting/magic. So in this case it would make sense to give the Daemonsmith some extra protection and upgrade the war machine to being Hellbound to absorb the hits better and you won’t have to worry too much about it destroying itself as much with a misfire anyway. This gives an extra wound to a war machine, so I assume you just add an extra crewman. Then you have the Daemonsmith hiding behind the war machine if someone tries to take him out with a unit.

This all sounds okayish in theory, but a large part of me is thinking it is far riskier than it seems. Has anyone tried this out? Better with a regular Daemonsmith or a Sorc-Prophet? Lores?


i don’t have many games under my belt now with CDs; but being a dwarf player also, I know a thing or two about WMs and engineer upgrades.

In the games I brought a daemonsmith, I kept him as a lvl1 fire mage and equipped him with shield of ptolos and ruby ring of ruin. You can add a pistol too if you have that extra 5pts lying around.

With this config, not only he makes the WMs more reliable, he’ll also be able to destroy enemy WM hunters with dual fireballs (and a pistol). He’s also well protected vs missile fire this way. Although, if you feel like your enemy has more than enough that the daemonsmith to handle, you can always attach him to a unit.

The drawback of this plan is his points cost obviously. We are looking at at 145-150 pts with this build. That means you’ll have to bring less bodies on the table. Also, as you know his points cost is a game winning/losing margin, there’s always that.


I always take a level 1, with charmed shield and lore of fire. I always just have fireball, as it can be cast at different levels and is great at clearing away WM hunters. He’s only died once, and that was my fault for not moving him out of the charge arc of a unit of ogres on the last turn.


I found the Daemonsmith babysitting warmachines a must. When you have 4 warmachines you will roll misfires in series. It’s no good when they are hellbound!

So in my army at the beginning of the battle there is always a Daemonsmith and a sorcer prophet (in his unit, of course) next to the warmachines. It’s necessary to keep them working and alive in first couple of turns (when you need them to shoot the hell to the enemies). Then I leave only the Daemonsmith.

Note: you can reroll even scatter! That’s great: you need those nice hits at the beginning of the battle, when enemy troops are massed and you regiments at full power. So place the big Deathsriekers pie or the magma cannon drop on top of the most juicy targets and reroll bad scatters :wink:

The face of the opponent after these first two turns of bombardment is priceless :hat off


By the way, the look at sir rule is working on 2+ or 4+ for the demonsmith in 3’ of a warmachine?

Personnaly, i always use one with dispell scroll, lore of fire OR calice of blood and darkness and lore of metal.


4+ as described at page 97 in the Warhammer Rulebook.

I play the Smith with a Dispel and a charming shield.


4+ as described at page 97 in the Warhammer Rulebook.
I play the Smith with a Dispel and a charming shield.

no, this doesn't apply here; since there's an override in the Tamurkhan book. See Infernal Engineer rule on page 171:
Infernal Engineer
A model with this rule, if it is within 3" of one of their army's war machines, and not mounted on a monster, is allowed to take a "Look Out Sir!" roll as if they were within a unit of five or more models...
It's clear here that the look out roll is 2+


I guess I didn’t read that rule closely enough! Seems silly not to put him with a war machine then.


so he is still going to be magnet for shooting/magic
I run a Lv2 with my machines. No one has ever shot him - they all shoot at the machines. He has a Charmed Shield (more for that first miscast than enemy fire :)) and a scroll, usually on Metal. One of his jobs is to 6 Dice Searing Doom Mournfang cav that are suddenly so popular...