[Archive] Dannyfave's odds and ends



Tomb Kings:

23 tomb guard, I only have 22 shields, they are bare metal except 5 have a little paint on them. traded

1 mounted lich priest, bare metaltraded

1 liche priest on foottraded

Vampire counts:

1 black coach, thinly painted, missing crossbar but otherwise complete ( comes with chariot base)sale pending

5 black knights, bare metal, missing their spear arms (one is a standard bearer and he has his standard) but I can send plastic spear arms forthem. they have 5 skeletal horses that have light paint on them.sale pending

2 vampires on foot, 2 blood dragon 1 with great weapon (the weapon arm is missing though) and one with two hand weapons (one of the weapon arms is missing… but very easy to replace) and one Lamian vapiress (painted to my normal standard)

1 mounted Necrarch vampire with a plastic horse ( horse has a spikey metal head… both are painted)

1 mounted bloodragon vampire with great weapon (vampire is painted to my normal standard, horse is black)

1 mounted wight lord, with metal skeletal horse (both bare metal)

Heinreich and Krell (both painted, but not well)

1 guy that looks like a grim reaper (I think it is a wight, but not sure, painted, but not well)sale pending

1 Banshee ( bare metal)

2 giant bats (primed black, not fully assembled)sale pending


15 current chaos warriors, full command, very well painted by me in a slaanesh scheme , two hand weapons

20 5th/6th ed. plastic chaos warriors painted in all different schemes (some broken) plus I have bitz for these guys aswell.

1 metal chariot crew

1 Chaos familiar, looks like a mini dragon

1 Archaon on foot (some plastic pieces for him though, such as his head, and I gave him a halberd)

Wood elves:

1 unicorn (primed black)

1 5th ed. waywatcher , painted

6 5th ed. warhawks (just the birds, not the riders)traded

10 5th ed. metal archers (painted/primed one is a musician)

1 5th ed. treeman (nicely painted)


1 5th ed. outrider (no horse)

1 5th ed. metal spearman ( primed black)

1 5th ed . Kurt Helborg ( light paint/bare metal)

1 grandmaster of the white wolf (light paint)

1 5th ed. light wizzard (light paint)

1 set of griffon wings from Karl Franz’s griffon


1 5th ed. metal scout archer ( bare metal)

High elves:

1 Maiden guard musician ( light paint)

Beasts of chaos:

1 Bray Shaman (primed black)

Dog of war:

17 alcatani pikemen, full command (nicely painted)sell pending

1 Desert dog (light paint, plastic horse painted)traded

Dark elves:(all are primed black unless otherwise stated)

10 5th ed. metal crossbowmen (missing the front part of their crossbows)

5 5th ed. metal spearmen

1 5th ed. unit champion

1 5th ed. unit standard bearer

16 metal current witch elves (partialy painted , with command, I might have more than 16 if you want them, just ask)

20 6th ed. coldone knights (just the riders, painted…I think one is malus darkblade)

10 executioners (partialy painted, missing some swords, these are easily replaced by the plastic dark elf swords)

a few loose black guard around here somewhere aswell, if you are interested please ask and I will find as many as I can.

Space marines:

A destroyed rhino, lterally destroyed (I lit a firework in it) I use it to represent a destroyed rhino on the battle field (god knows that happened enough)

Imperial Guard:

1 Tallarn guardsman (primed black)

1 guardsmen (the guys with the gas mask and german looking uniform… primed brown)


1 Knight on foot, painted kinda nicely

1 Roman soldier (primed white)

1 Samurai (partialy painted)


I have a few leather armor pieces that I made for some guys (Upper body armor) and they never paid me for them. PM for sizes and pictures. One is wood elf style another is Vampire style.


1 Troll (bare metal)

1 necromancer (painted nicely)


An Xbox 360 (wishlist ;))

Kislev stuff

Marksmen of MiraglianoI found all that I needed.

The special edition White dwarf (the one with bugman and gotrek holding him aloft on a shield… also wishlist item I guess.)

New plastic chaos marauder horsemen.

Fable 2 (if I actualy get a hold of an x box 360)

and of course cash.


Ahh… I found a bunch of dark elf two part crossbows for the dark riders, I can send the fronts of those for the dark elf crossbowmen if you want.