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A programme on the history channel last year I think,  I found it quite inspirational for chaos dwarfs.  Maybe it’s the ‘hat’ part… :wink:







Pyro Stick:

I remember watching that. It was quite good if i remember. I tried to find the discussion we had about it on HoH but i couldnt. If its on youtube then i might have to watch it again.

edit: found it: http://www.chaosdwarf.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=10263&highlight=

i remember that thread being longer…


Holy Hashut… 2006! Damn time flies past quickly.

Pyro Stick:

Holy Hashut... 2006! Damn time flies past quickly.

lol i know. I knew that program couldnt have been on just last year.


Neat, i’ll watch it when I have time.

Love the History Channel.

Kera foehunter:

that cool !! nice beard on the raiders! nice fluff for cds


Holy Hashut!

It’s like dicovering that ones favorite warhammer army existed 3000 years ago. Their culture holds so many things that could easily be adapted be the chaos dwarfs.

The priests of Hashut could burn dolls of the enemies before battle, or sacrifice them to Hashut in a more deamonic way. (I’ll take a look at Snotlings doll replacements for hobgoblins again and consider other… uses :slight_smile: )

The oath of brotherhood would fit perfect for the dwarfs who fought against chaos for centuries, while slowly being corruptet. The fundamental oath would explain how a little nation of dwarfs could reign so supreme over their slave hordes, through the said morals of duty, discipline and fear, without ever turning against one or another, as nearly any other evil army in the warhammer world often does

Even their “ultimate weapon” could easily be made, as a bullcentaurpulled chariot with centered scythed wheels and 3 crewmen. It would hit hard as hell, but for the right pointcost with the right restrictions, it would feel amazing.

It was really a good watch, which made the existence of chaos dwarfs in the warhammer world so much more believable.

Everybody should watch it if they haven’t already :cheers


That was really interesting.

Calling them the “Dark Lords” seems a bit harsh though.


Interesting documentary. Unusual theme. Those are the reasons why I became an historian.

Those are the only autentic Chaos Dwarfs:



Damn those assyrians were cruel.  I like the part about them decorating their halls with pictures of their deeds.  It’s how I would imagine the inside of a CD palace would be done.

Grinding the bones of the dead…? Was there any real reason for them to do all that?  Just to send a message?

Divinely sanctioned to wage war.  That’s a good phrase. Hashut commands and we obey!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I remember this. Unfortunately, I was recording it (or the last one. I can;t remember if it was in three parts or not) and the signal got cut out, so it was really fuzzy. Anyway, watched it at Sixth Form with two of my mates (Sousonou and a guy not on here) and it mentioned the three great ziggurats being destroyed by natural disasters and all three of us said one disaster just before they did (and showed them) and we got it right each time, lol. Was most amusing. Glad to see the links, since I wanted to watch it again, properly.

Border Reiver:

It also could be used to explain their absence from the GW mainstream in the last few years - they’ve been making Zharr Naggrund invulnerable to conventional attack and have been perfecting their army before marching forth to make the world their own.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

That was really interesting.
Calling them the "Dark Lords" seems a bit harsh though.

I agree, the Hittites seem not to have been a lot more cruel to others as any of the other great cultures of the time. ;)


Grinding the bones of the dead...? Was there any real reason for them to do all that?  Just to send a message?

I know many cultures ate their enemies..perhaps they added the bone grindings into their grain for bread or other things..

Kera foehunter:

Maybe they smoked it!!tht there are a lot of primitive cultures out there

Hashut’s Blessing:

Ground bones (particularly those of mummies) are often considered medicinal and to aid good health (like vitamin tablets lol). I do enjoy that they made it sound so casual that they went and took over somewhere (not got around to watching them again yet, but I think it’s Byzantium).


It was Babylon, actually. "We went out, were gone for a few weeks and walked home. We saw many cool things, like this one guy had six toes on one foot, and there was this crazy dude who went around flapping a set of wooden wings. Oh, and we destroyed Babylon."
If you like monumental events descried real casual-like, try the Norwegian declaration of independence. It’s that thing in the by-sentence, after the dash at the end of the paragraph.

I’m gonna have to remove one of the crewmen from each of my TK chariots, since those clearly could only have one crewman. Really cool stuff, this documentary.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I knew it began with B :wink:

Did the narrator not say something like “The Hashuttites walked 10,000 miles to babylon. They destroyed it and returned home.”? Amusing :smiley:


I knew it began with B ;)

Did the narrator not say something like "The Hashuttites walked 10,000 miles to babylon. They destroyed it and returned home."? Amusing :D

Hashut's Blessing
Not the narrator - that was what the Hittites themselves recorded in their history.