[Archive] Dark Reckoning generals


Put your name here if you have registered for the Dark Reckoning campaign


This way we can decide how best to make our plans if we know who’s in. Remember, its the Chaos Stars against each other, so we will do better if we work as a team.

I’m in (of course)


Ok.  The campaign is supposedly open, but I’m finding it impossible to report a battle atm.

Reply to this thread if you’re taking part and we can pm each other with where to attack first.


Seems the Bearer will be back soon to open the campaign.  Until then people can still register

The reasons to fight for each faction are well written.



I have created a password protected sub forum, so if this gets going we can use it without prying daemonic/ barbarian/ beastmen eyes seeing our plans.

If not, we can save it to use in another campaign.