[Archive] Date for VC army book pre-order


Anybody care to make an educated guess when the VC army book will be available for pre-order from GW UK?

I don’t normally pre-order stuff so i’m not sure what the normal lead in time for this sort of thing is.


i would say early march, ill hazard a guess at march 3rd

Hashut’s Blessing:

I know that all of the stuff comes out on the 8th, so about a week before I would assume.


Well, Maelstrom have it available for pre-order so I have bought it from them (along with a corpse cart).


Now! :slight_smile: According to WD Online today

Look here: http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=List_Models&code=301046&orignav=13

And don’t forget to order the Varghulf :slight_smile:


wow, expencive, but it’s such a sweet moel, i wonder when they’ll fix it

still, I like them VC, except for the vamps shudders at the desgustingness of them, in a bad way

anyone know where the knights of blood keep go, they don’t seem to be on there?

Kera foehunter:

Off topic… is there any pic. beside the corp cart of the vc army???


erm wtf dire wolves? they look erm WTF!


anyone know where the knights of blood keep go, they don't seem to be on there?

According to the "upcomming releases" in WD #338 (a Magazine I - for unexplained reasons - continue to buy) it will be up 9th Febuary and released 22nd March together with the Varghulf? and the Battalion.

- Clam


Off topic... is there any pic. beside the corp cart  of the vc army???
Girl Vampire
Skeleton Champ.
Skeleton Musician
Skeleton Standard Bearer
Skeleton Unit
Terrible looking Vlad

There's also a fierce amount of rumours floating around on the Northern Wasters page about the army itself.


the problem with vlad is the painjob, the green of the model looks SWEET, but that painjob just dosen’t work, like most of the vampires I guess

the only terrble ones are konrad, with his bow tie and super swords, and manfred, with a stick as wide as he is and a sword bigger than him, I mean come on, nt even a vampire shoudl be able to hold that one handed


if you want to make a vampire counts army,


there really good for the price and can make a 2000 pt army for like £60, maybe less

:hat off

Ghrask Dragh:

the only terrble ones  are konrad, with his bow tie and super swords

:o I think Konrad is awesome! a cloak of bats and drinking dripping blood from a sword, what more do you want from a vampire. I went back and looked after the bow tie comment, made me laugh :) still cool though!
Don't think much of Vlad though or the girl vampire or the blood knights.

this guy is pretty friggin sweet though!!


yes, but konrad looks like he couldn’t decide between armour and a ballroum suit, so made a mix and match

and no-one can insult that bat vamp, it is awesome :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

that is sooooo cool the paint job does it

Father Grumpmas:

I think the batty Vampire is rubbish and the rest of the new Vamps are equally crappy.

The new ghouls and dire wolves are pretty tragic and I’m not entirely convinced by the Vargulf.

However, just to show I’m not a complete downer, I love the new skeletons and the Corpse Cart, and am liking the Grave Guard as well.

The sprues for the new skeletons show seperate shields rather than the recent trend for the lower arm to be included on the shield - this will be great for conversions.

I’m hoping the Grave Guard have the same.

I have a VC army so am looking forward? to the new book.

Wallacer - the GW guys here in Auckland say that they will have the spearhead late Feb and the armybook can be purchased with it. The book on it’s own is due about 8th March.


i think they look very cool

especially the vargulf