[Archive] Dawi Zharr of WotR

Hashut’s Blessing:

Howdy y’all! I’m still kicking around from time to time, don’t you worry :wink: lurking away in the background, checking up on y’all, making the next AC happen, etc.

ANYWAY! Considering everybody’s reaction when the Grimhammers came out and my previous thoughts on an evil Dwarf WotR army (the tearaway Dwarfs I vaguely recall being mentioned at some point: a renegade clan) - I’m thinking I might start this project.

However, there are two things that stand in the way:

1) Nobody plays WotR - nobody even talks about it. I have very few wargaming friends local to me (or in “real life” at all, to be honest), so it would be a bit of a waste of the models (not yet got storage for a viewing army).

2) The cost. I do NOT have the time or money to start. However, I have a fair amount of stuff to trade - so I’d be interested in giving my stuff to people in exchange for them purchasing/giving me items from the required list.

Upsides and ideas are:

1) Get to have an army designed the way I want it, planned from day one (with tweaks along the way), looking how I want and fighting to a list I’ve designed to try and be badass.

2) It will be a project to look consistently good and to try to push my quality of painting (even if not the techniques).

3) Grimhammers and Dwarfs with crossbows! When the pike/shield version of Grimhammers come out, mini-hairy-Easterlings, lol.

4) Conversion opportunities - not often found in LotR/WotR.

Any help would be hot and this may be a (glacial even compared to my WF CD) blog: but isn’t yet.

Thommy H:

Cool. So would you integrate your army’s background into Middle-earth, or would it just be a pure modelling project to produce an army you like the look of?

Funnily enough, I’m sort of doing a project at the moment that’s the opposite of this - writing LOTR SBG warband lists to use my Warhammer figures to play a generic fantasy skirmish game.

Hashut’s Blessing:

To be honest, I think I’d just kinda use the rogue dwarf clan stuff from Tolkien and expand upon it with my own flavours. it wouldn’t be Chaos Dwarfs as such :wink:

Sounds rather intriguing :wink: Lemme know how it goes!