[Archive] dawi-zharr rune abc?



i search for cz rune abc? i love this on the first issu of woh-webzine backcover.

thx for help, best


Try issue 3.

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I believe he’s asking for an alphabet to use for his models or something. Whilst there is discussion of the Hashut rune in Issue 3, I don’t see an alphabet in there. Perhaps I’ve missed it?

Maybe Ishkur would be kind enough to post his own DZ runic alphabet, as I think he did the illustrations on the back bit of issue 1. Could be wrong though, just guessing at his style.

Thommy H:

There isn’t a specific alphabet for Chaos Dwarfs. I’m not sure why there would be. At a best guess, they probably use the same runes as Dwarfs, but they might not and there’s no way to find out.