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well, as a few people know, (those who read other peopl sigs) i have been working on a CD army book, and i want it to look as GWy as posible, so as much as i hate the system i’m putting spec characters in the main list so i need to know one thing

What characters do we have other than astragoth???

(and maybee rykarth)


Zhatan, but it might be best to leave him. Most armies create new characters for each new edition, they add more fluff and culture to the army so the more different ones we have, the better. There are often exceptions though and I think Astragoth would make an excellent character.

There was also Gorduz the Hobgoblin.


Hmmmmm, Gorduz, i’m intreagued.

ok, i’ll make some new special characters, just need names


How about hashuts chosen a partly demonic chaos dwarf that was locked out of the ziggarates in the storm of chaos,being a dwarf he was resistant to it and when it was over he was a huge deamonic chaos dwarf.Wow I made a speacal charicter well might as well put some rules up.


hashuts chosen��6- 9 - 0 - 7-8-7-6-10-10

Special rules:fly,regeniration,the sword of doom,the crown of abominations,remotly dwarf.

The sword of doom:no armor saves or ward saves are alowed agains this weapon.

the crown of abominations:gives the wearer magic resistance(3) and a 3+ ward save.

Remotly dwarf:He was caught in the storm of chaos giving him extrem magical abuilitys,so as a result of this he knows all the spells of death and shadow and is a leval 5 wizerd(meaning he adds 3 dispel dice and genarates 5 power dice).Wow what a charicter lets give him a point cost hmmm how about 950 points and he takes up a lord and 2 heros.

Now just to play test it.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Hashut’s Chosen was actually Helna something or other. She was created by Hashut’s Chosen on HoH and even got mentioned in GW fluff during/after SoC.


Whoops diden’t know HoH is to large to find ever little thing.

The Flying Beaver:

One thing you guys have to consider is that when a new CD army book is released, pretty much ALL characters will seem new. Astragoth, Zhatan the Black, and Gorduz Backstabber are pretty much essential. As a new character, I’d recommend some sort of daemon-binder/engineer type.


Anyone want to explain who Zhatan the Black and Gorduz Backstabber are or do i have to guess?


What about the black dwarf? as long as I know there was a miniature of him but no background. did anyone know something about him? to me it sounds like the CD version of the white dwarf


Anyone want to explain who Zhatan the Black and Gorduz Backstabber are or do i��have to guess?

Zhatan the Black is the Commander of the tower of Zharr.
Gorduz was a Hobgoblin whose main claim to fame is that he was incredibly lucky.��If memory serves, he gets to roll every time he is near death to stay alive a little while longer.

I can dig up more information that that if you need it.

The Flying Beaver:

Another character to consider is Supreme Lord Ghorth. Ghorth is the most powerful of the CD Sorceror Lords. (Astragoth is the oldest, and the High Prophet, but in terms of power Ghorth wins.) Astragoth makes for a more interesting special character because of the mechanical legs/arms, but Ghorth is an important Chaos Dwarf too.


Ghorth is Zhatan’s boss, yes?


What about the black dwarf? as long as I know there was a miniature of him but no background. did anyone know something about him? to me it sounds like the CD version of the white dwarf

Yeah... I can tell you of the Black Dwarf. First off, there WAS NO model of him- they used a model of a Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer to represent him. Now about the Black Dwarf himself: he was originally mentioned in White Dwarf 200, as part of a special scenario. Originally intended to provide a suitable villain for the newly released White Dwarf model, he had but one special rule: he was, for all intensive purposes, invincible. Maybe at this point I should mention the fluff that goes with this scenario (sorry, I'm rather tired at the moment: so everything I have written so far is kinda out of order).

Basically, the Black Dwarf was some new upstart Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer who had discovered how to transfer his soul into a massive adamantine (from memory) hammer, which would make him invincible as long as the hammer continued to exist. Using his newfound power, the Black Dwarf then decided to go on a rampage, collecting lots of slaves in a bid to overthrow the current leadership of the Chaos Dwarf empire and take control himself. Basically, the dwarfs, learning of this threat, decided to go to war against the Black Dwarf but were being totally crushed by their invincible enemy- then on the night before they were to be exterminated, the White Dwarf turned up and told them that he knew where the Hammer was located, and came up with a plan to attack the location while the Black Dwarf was busy killing the Dwarves. This is where the scenario starts. There were a couple of special rules in regards to running essentially TWO battles at once (once the White Dwarf had thrown the hammer into a conveniently placed lava flow the Black Dwarf would die) but the Black Dwarf himself, apart from the invincibility, was basically a level 4 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer. Sorry to ruin the fun :(


3 special characters should be enough. Of these, one should be an ultimate fighter-general type thing (Zhatan would do great) Another would be a supreme magister (Astragoth) and the last would be some wicked stuff.

Most armies have such 3 characters.


- Kyte


Actualy nowadays most armies have about 6 spec characters, empire has 8:0

so…Astragoth, grobuz, groth and zhatan, should be enogh, maybe add one of my own


I’ve got an idea for a special Item for the army general…kinda off-topic, but it would be a good item for a special character:

Among the upper echelons of the Chaos Dwarf Hierarchy, where the summoning of greater daemons and even the chaining of Demigods is as commonplace as the sacrifices to Hashut, there is a single suit of armor capable of reducing the proud, often arrogant and aloof, leaders of the Chaos Dwarfs to bowing as their knees give out. A God nearly as powerful as Hashut himself is imprisoned in this suit of pure obsidion. Power unrestrained flows through the wearer, and the backwash alone of spells cast by this powerful suit can reduce the surroundings to ash. But this power comes at a price: souls; and lots of them.

If you so choose, your army general may wear the Obsidian Armor for 250 pts.

Armor save of 2+ that cannot be improved in any way.

+3 S

+3 WS to a total of no more than 8

+2 T

+2 M

Special Rules:


For every enemy model killed specifically by the wearer of the Obsidian Armor place a D6 in a special die pool.

You may choose to further imbue your armor with souls, or use the souls in a spell.

Imbue: 5 souls: +1S, 5 souls: +1T

Spell: 15 souls: Eruption: Place the large template around the wearer. All models (besides the wearer) take D6 S5 hits. 5 souls: spirit blast: target a model withing 15" of the wearer. This model takes D6 S5 hits with no armor saves allowed. 1 soul: target a model within 10" of the wearer. This model takes 1 S4 hit.

You may use one imbue and two spells per turn during your magic phase

At the end of your turn, if the wearer of the Obsidian Armor has not killed any enemies, permanently reduce his S by 1 and T by 1.


The wearer of the Obsidian Armor has become, for all intents and purposes, a demigod capable of incredible wonders. However, these wonders create such a powerful backwash that the wearer is unable to stay among his own troops without causing them harm. The wearer of the Obsidian Armor can never join a friendly unit.


The wearer of the Obsidian Armor causes Fear.


If the wearer of the Obsidian Armor is killed, place the large template over him. For every 5 souls still captured, add 1S to a base S of 3 for the cosmic explosion resulting from the wearer’s death. This template will remain for 2 turns, and all models passing through it take one hit.

I know this is alot of stuff for one item, so please help me edit this :hat off