[Archive] Dawi Zharr vs Wood Elves Battle Report 11/5/10


Chaos Dwarfs vs Wood Elves Battle Report  11/5/10

Chaos Dwarfs:

1 Slavemaster with the Hell Blade of Hashut, 25 Warriors with a slaver, musician, standard with a magic standard (The Shadow Standard of Hashut) and an eruption gun, 17 Annihilators, 1 Death Rocket, 6 Ogre Maneaters
1253 points

Wood Elves:

Arden �?" Hero on Great Stag (represented by Fire Giant), 10 Glade Guards (represented by 10 Dwarf Thunderers), 12 Wardancers (Dwarf Slayers), 9 Dryads with a Spellcasting Branch Wraith: Selkis (Orcs), 10 Way Watchers (Dwarf Pirates), 6 War Hawk Riders (Ogres).

Ch�?Tagadane Wurtooli was out on an expeditionary stroll through nearby woodland doing some reconnaissance with some newly acquired ogre slaves.  The High Lords of Zharr-Naggrund declared that Ch�?Tagadane seek new resources for their fiery foundries.  Needing wood to construct their fear inspiring war machines, Ch�?Tagadane set forth to find a forest to harvest.  The Dawi Zharr scouts report a lush forest ripe for the harvest and Ch�?Tagadane moves in to collect the timber.  Horns sound from within the wood as the Chaos Dwarf force approaches, followed shortly by a hail of arrows.  The battle was joined.

Chaos Dwarfs go first:

Ch�?Tagadane orders all troops forward, The warriors march across the hilltop, the annihilators move forward the eruption gun moves into firing position, and the ogres charge the way watchers that had foolishly stepped out of the forest directly within range.  The Ogres kill 5 way watchers after suffering 1 casualty from the way watchers stand and shoot response.  The remaining 5 ogres chase the way watchers into the woods, cutting them down mercilessly as they fled.  The deathrocket unleashes a withering hail of projectiles at the Dryads visible just beyond a rock outcropping, but only one of the tree spirits falls to the artillery barrage.

Wood Elves:

The ogres lurking in the woods become easy prey for the war dancers and Arden on his great stag.  They both charge in to attack just as the Branch Wraith casts treesinging on the forest.  The trees themselves come alive and attempt to fight off the ogres to no avail.  The ogres fight back against their various foes, killing 2 wardancers, but the amassed elves prove too much for them as they dance about whirling their blades.  In all 8 wounds are suffered by the ogres and they attempt to flee back through the woods, but are cut down by the dancing blades of the wardancers.  The glad guard move into firing position and fire at the eruption gun on the hill, causing 1 wound.  The War Hawk Riders fly over the mountain and fire at the deathrocket and crew, hitting three times, but their arrows do not penetrate the carapace of the demonic war engine.

Chaos Dwarf 2:

Ch�?Tagadane howls with rage as the wardancers emerge from the forest and urges his warriors to charge.  They defeat the slippery elven scum who escape back into the forest, outrunning the short legged Dawi Zharr.  The Death Rocket fires again at the dryads who had moved closer to the woods, killing yet another of the vile tree things.  The eruption gun launches a blast of 8 shots at the distant glade guard but does no damage.  The annihilators let loose a volley of shrapnel at Arden as he stands in the open between the two clumps of forest, but do no damage.

Wood Elf 2:

The War dancers pull themselves together and turn to face the shouting chaos dwarfs who are taken by surprise as the dryads charge them.  Arden charges the annihilators who stand and shoot- the bits of shard bounce harmlessly off of his armour.  The war Hawks fly from their position on the edge of the battlefield to aid the dryads against the unit of warriors.  They charge directly into the rear of the massed warrior unit.  Selkis once again attempts to sing to the trees but it is dispelled because of the sheer hatred spewing off of the chaos dwarfs.  Despite Ch�?Tagadane unleashing the full fury of the fires of hashut �?" killing another dryad and 3 wardancers with his hellblade - the dryads and war hawk riders defeat the unit of warriors, who then attempt to flee.  As they turn to run they are caught in the clutches of the war hawks and are torn to shreds.  The war hawks continue their pursuit straight into the flank of the annihilators.  The annihilators are able to fight off Arden, winning the combat, but he holds his ground against the leering Dawi Zharr.  The Advancing Glade Guard unit let loose another storm of arrows at the eruption gun, hitting it 4 times, but dealing no damage.

Chaos Dwarf 3:

The Eruption Gun explodes with another fury of shots, hitting and killing 4 glade guards for the glory of hashut!  The Death Rocket misfires, charging directly toward the milling dryads, but falling just short of contact.  The Annihilators attack their foes with vigor, avenging their 1 fallen comrade by killing the Wood Elf Hero and winning the combat.  The Stag makes its leadership roll and fights on, defending the body of its master.  The War Hawk riders take to the skies and fall back to the hillside.

Wood Elf 3:

The Dryads charge into the flank of the annihilators in an attempt to avenge their fallen hero.  The War dancers charge into the Deathrocket crew as they attempt to get the rampaging machine under control.  The Deathrocket takes 1 hit, but bites back killing 2 of the wardancers, and thus winning the combat.  The War Dancers hold their ground and press on with deeper resolve.  The annihilator unit takes 1 additional casualty and unleash the full fury of the Dawi Zharr, wounding the stag and killing a dryad.  The Stag runs off deep into the forest and the dryads turn to escape as well, but are cut down by the reveling Chaos Dwarfs.  The Glade Guard wheel to face the eruption gun once more and unleash a volley of arrows along with the war hawk riders.  The eruption gun becomes a demonic pincushion, and perishes.

Chaos Dwarf 4:

The annihilators wheel and charge the rear of the war dancers, continuing their death frenzy by killing 2 of the disgusting wood dwellers.  The Wardancers retaliate by killing one of the deathrocket crew and damaging the demon itself again.  Despite being squeezed on two sides by leering Dawi Zharr the Wardancers hold firm rolling a 3 to pass their panic test (they needed a 4 or lower!).

Wood Elf 4:

The Stag continues its mad dash for escape and runs off the board.  The War Hawks charge the flank of the annihilators.  A wardancer finally slays the deathrocket and another annihilator falls prey to whirling elf blades, but the remaining Dawi Zharr fight back with hardening hatred, killing two more of the foolishly leaping elves, the combat ends in a tie.  The distant glade guard march toward the fray.

Chaos Dwarf 5:

The Annihilators loose 1 more comrade to the flying war hawks and the War dancers defeat the remaining deathrocket crew.  The annihilators fight back with even more violent vigor, eliminating the remaining 2 wardancers, killing a war hawk rider, and wounding a second one.  The War Hawks choose to hit and run, flying just out of reach of the victorious Dawi Zharr who wheel to face them, readying their blunderbuss cartridges.

Wood Elf 5:

The Glade Guard continue to move into position, and finally get within range of the annihilators, they fire, but their arrows find no chinks in the well wrought armor of the chaos dwarf soldiers.  The War Hawks unleash a hail as well killing one of the annihilators as they load their weapons and get into firing position.  The annihilator unit is now down to 10.

Chaos Dwarf 6:

The annihilator�?Ts blunderbusses explode with a cloud of deadly shrapnel killing another fluttering war hawk and its now mangled rider.

Wood Elf 6:

The remaining elves fire the last of their arrows at the jeering annihilators killing two more of the invading Dawi Zharr.

As the sun dips down toward the mountain�?Ts horizon, Huglunk Dakka, the annihilator captain, decides that the filthy pointy eared scum have spilled enough illustrious Dawi Zharr blood and issues the retreat with honor command to his gathered troops.   With brandished weapons pointed at the remaining wood elves the Annihilators withdraw away from the forest leaving the wood elves to pick through their dead, and sing psalms to their damaged trees.  Huglunk silently vows to return and wipe the forest  clean of the filthy scum while he prepares his lamentation to the high counsel who will be awaiting his return.

The game nearly ended in a draw.  If the Annihilators hadn�?Tt lost the last two troopers the game would have been a tie.  As it stands, the Wood Elves were able to pull off a marginal victory as they chased the invading Dawi Zharr out of their forest.

The Annihilators were my MVPs of the game for sure!!!


You should be thrown into the furnace for bringing disgrace to the Dawi Zarr!! Seriously though loved your report the pictures were great too. Can’t wait for your next report!! (obviously a different lord will have to be appointed though after that debacle!!)


You should be thrown into the furnace for bringing disgrace to the Dawi Zarr!! Seriously though loved your report the pictures were great too. Can't wait for your next report!! (obviously a different lord will have to be appointed though after that debacle!!)

Thanks! Yes, Ch'agadane's name is being struck from the record books and his whole family thrown into the slave pits for his disastrous loss to the foul smelling, tree-loving woodkins! Huglunk is being promtoted to hero for salvaging some of the Dawi Zharr force, he will get his revenge! (my opponent is thinking of starting a wood elf army for real, so next time there may actually be some wood elf pieces in there!!)