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Hi guys,

Here is the project that has been keeping me busy for the last 5 weeks, My army to take to the Dutch GT.

Originally it had at least some sort of theme with a Lord of Chance, but a combination of not-having-time-because-of-soccer and 2 friend urging me to take Mr Big Nasty made me take the red, angry fella.

Anyway, on to the pics

Core Units

3x 16 Horrors

Quick side shot to show the quick unit fillers only made to fill up the trays for presentation purposes.

5 Furies

Rare unit : 5 Flamers


3 Heralds of Tzeentch on Chariots, one is the BSB.

Lord : Bloodthirster of Tzeentch :wink:

Quick overview to show how “big” the army was.

Painting score 28/30, just missed the last 2 detailing points, about what I expected for 3-5 weeks work.

I’m working om my LoC and my Nurgle stuff atm, converting Kroot with wooden shields and straight CW swords into plaguebearers, and some more Kroot stuff into Nurglins, Herald/palaquin and Beasts.

I’ll try to get some WIPs up soon.


wow! good work Bjorni! :slight_smile: I like the colours, but personally would want something brighter (red), but they still look great! :slight_smile:

you managed quite a lot in 5 weeks time! In 5 weeks, I made 1 mini for the GHVI. lol

Kera foehunter:

great army i like the flying lord (with bird wings) i also like your flamer cool colors


Soccer? What’s that?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice looking stuff there mate. Quite different colourscheme but it works great! :cheers:


I like the colour scheme, very unique. Perhaps your changer of ways has just adopted the shape of bloodthirster for his own fickle ends.

Good job for 5weeks work, i imagine the basing took some time, its very well done. Would that be cork board your using?

Also, have you modelled on the rockiness to your discs or is that how they come? if so, bravo


The basing really doesn’t take any extra time. Yes, it’s cork board, you just stick a bit on the base, pin the model on, glue sand on teh rest. Spray black, drybrush base 2 or 3 times, paint model. done.

The discs are 2 bases from Archeon stuck back to back.


Quick update:

The Lord of Change finally recieved some (basecoat) paint.

And I started on my Nurgle contignent.

Plaguebearers (Kroot with chaos swords and shields). The empty base is for a Herald on Palaquin.(Shaper on Krootox)

Using Kroot Hounds for Nurgling bases

and Gnarloc Riders for Beasts of Nurgle. I do need to swap the flails for the same style swords though.

After this one more block of Plaguebearers (maybe also with Herald) and then maybe a Great Knarloc wit a Kroot Shaman on the back as a GUO.

Kera foehunter:

i love them kroots! they would also make cool fishmen!!!

Uzkul Werit:

Always with the Fishmen.

I’ve been tempted to use Kroot as Daemons myself but as Horrors.


I would have used the kroot hounds as flesh hounds of nurgle. A more obvious use IMO, and they’re a bit big for nurglings anyway.

The painted army is very nice, now did you place overall in the end?


I already have 2250 of Khorne Deamons (that’s where the Thister came from) so Flesh Hounds were not needed (already have 2x5).

Just thought using Kroot models for every Nurgle unit would be a better thematic fit.

I got 94/100 command points (4x massacre, one 14-6), 28/30 painting, 20/20 presentation/WYSIWG and 7/20 Quiz for 1st place overall in the Dutch GT :). I got an 11 pt lead on #2 and 20 on #3.

Played the last game against my best mate again (just like last year). I lost 20-0 then due to a brain fart resulting in a dead Frog on turn 2 and He went on to win the GT then. This year I wanted revenge, he played the best out of all opponents this year but I got a lot more points then him in the end, even with some insane things happening. 1 Vamp BSB beating up 16 Horrors by himself and me not making a single ward save. My BT fluffing 2 or 3 to wounds rolls on 2+ every turn vs his GG etc.

Pretty happy with winning the GT though, 1st in all major Dutch WFB events this year.:):cheers


Wow, that’s great Bjorn, well done! I wanted to pop in and say hi during the GT but my holiday to Turkey took place just around the same time…


Amazing dude! Glad to have you posting again!


I really like the use of kroot as nurgle daemons, interested to see how your going to paint them.:hat off


Wow, that's great Bjorn, well done! I wanted to pop in and say hi during the GT but my holiday to Turkey took place just around the same time...

I might give it a go next year.

Hashut’s Blessing:

It’s looking mighty fine. I think, by far, my favourite part is the use of horrors with wings as furies. With the Kroot as Nurglites, are you going to add boils etc? I love the colour scheme, but on a couple of models, it seem to be too much of one tone of red. Another, brighter colour would work wonders on some of them, if not all. Perhaps a vibrant blue trim on the odd tentacle or wing membrane etc? Either way, that army has my jaw on the floor… 3-5 weeks? I can;t amass that much, nor paint it that well, in 3-5 years!


Nice to see you and you work back here @CDO.

And your new Daemon army looks very promising - awesome work :hat off


The army looks awesome. You’re doing a great job with it.


I can only say - that this is a great army idea :slight_smile:

I cannot wait to see the Lord of Change painted :slight_smile:


The Lord of Change met some roadblocks in applying paint to it. I was experimenting with some base colours and the (then) new Citadel Washes and the effect was way too dark. So I shelved him till I get motivated again.

In the meantime I finished the Nurgle stuff.

And the base is done since then:

I’ve not gotten around to finishing the Beasts just yet, as the new Lizardmen book got me updating my Lizards. So far a new Engine o/t Gods, Spears for all my Saurus, more Saurus, new Characters, Saurus Cav and a new Salamander Conversion kept me busy enough.

The Deamons did get a lot of play though last couple of months, I’ve been running a very toned down list with 3 Heralds and 3 big blocks of Infantry (Bloodletters, Horrors, Plaguebearers) with some supporting furies/screamers/3 Beasts/5 flesh hounds. Been good fun, the army is usually scrapping in the middle of the table by turn 3 and wins games by grinding in combat. It plays a lot more like Warhammer than the Magic Zap fest army I started out with to go to the GT with.

I’m wrapping up the Lizzie bits (only 15 Spears to paint and glue on and 1 Sallie). Currently I’m sticking together 2250 pts of Wood Elves as my new project.