[Archive] Death Guard bike idea


So I’ve been giving this some thought, as to how to represent something that is not a daemon beast, but noticeably death guard feeling.

What I’ve been thinking is replacing the rear tyre with track, and the front wheel turning more into a “metal deathroller” type wheel, with a small dozer blade thing on the front.

Basically to tie it all in to the new GW tank.

Overall I think it’s a great idea, it would mean the tank would look slow and relentless, hard rusty metals.  With the dozer blade effectively turning each one into a mini bulldozer.  Which IMO is quite fitting.

I eventually found a suitable track section from Zinge

Small Triangular Track Unit X 2 – Zinge Industries

Ideally I would use the kataphron breachers track section, but they are sold out everywhere as bits…


The front wheel I’m thinking cut/file the tread off, then stick on some track sections or something.

Ghrask Dragh:

It’s great idea for sure, would the rider be gruesomely attached the vehicle?

I like the idea of its arms running down to either side of the front ‘wheel’ and a typically Nurgle long curled tongue running out if it’s Mouth to control a bolt gun mounted at the front :sick

I’m sure I’ve seen something mutate/transform into a bike like that somewhere but I can’t think where…


That wasn’t exactly what I meant (as in a hybrid bike/biker daemon beast), but that’s actually a really cool idea!