[Archive] Death Rocket(2)


I have been painting my second earth shaker slowly. I don’t paint quickly so I need to take a lot of breaks and I stumbled into this project. I always looked past the death rocket in the past, but I think 8th is the time to field one.

It is made with a hellblaster base, and a bunch of 40K pieces including the exhaust pipe of the manufactorium building, leman russ barrel, and defiler cannon.

I hope you enjoy the model. It is a bit different from the others I have seen on CD Online.


That looks really cool! I can’t wait until its painted up.


The wheels on the new WF models look a lot like that Chaos Icon.  

Your model reminds me of the new Magma Cannon. :slight_smile:

Nice stuff.


Great work on the death rocket, really like the way it is looking cant wait to see it painted :slight_smile: