[Archive] Death Rocket- Cool or a waste of points?


Tell your thoughts regarding this weapon. It could be argued that the DR is third out of the three war machines available to us.

For me (in order of preference):

1) Does anything more need to be said of the awesomness that is the Earthshaker?

2) 2 for 1 special! While in vogue in 6th edition army blooks like 2-1 bolt thowers are being removed from all armies in 7th. One thing that makes it great and likely to be removed should GW do a redo of the army book.

3) Death Rocket. Plan on having one in my army but I am not see how much use ur will get.

Tell your thoughts here.


no… its not worth its points… it cost more than a stone thrower and comes with one less crew…
its not our worst special choice… but its number 4 on the list… above Black orcs and Bottom of the barrel goblins…


Not worth the points costs but a great laugh ,fluffy and unpredictable.i love taking it in 2000pts + particularily against horde enemies.

So cool for me:hat


what?! i really love death rockets! i have no luck with BTs and prefer BCs to the earthshaker, but death rockets really worth their points imho.


I’d take the deathrocket over the bolt throwers (points permitting). As long as you are decent at estimating, you stand a reasonable chance of hitting and killing more models then you could with two bolt throwers.


no matter how well you guess… you’ll scatter your small template weapon off them and hit nothing…
BTs can makes their points back with one kill… and present two targets for hunters to chase instead of one…


I’m with metro on this one.


you slow the enemy down with the earthshakers and then hit them with the death rockets + a bt cant reliably take down a warmachine/chariot in 1 hit as its not st7


stone throwers are not reliable at anything…

even your ES will never make its points back in actual kills… its value is in the shake effect…

without shake the DR is pointless at best… and overpriced at worst…

its a nice model… but i can never justify it on the table…

I salute those of you who use it “just cause”… but if you are running BCs instead of ES…

then i’m not sure you can discuss the effective use of points without heavy scutiny…


no matter how well you guess... you'll scatter your small template weapon off them and hit nothing...
BTs can makes their points back with one kill... and present two targets for hunters to chase instead of one...

Metros right about BT being the more effective of the 2 though I personally prefer the DR simply because the model is awesome. Plus even though you get one less crewman the machine isnt that bad.

- Tallhat


well, the effectiveness is really based on what army you’re fighting.��DR (in my opinion) are way better against horde armies (skaven, goblins, empire infantry army, etc.) then bolt throwers.��If they scatter, they stand a very good chance of scattering onto someone else, whereas the BT still has to roll to hit and will only score a couple kills per hit on low point cost models.��

Against monster armies (mino heavy beasts, demons, ogres) or knight armies (brettonia, empire cavalry army) , the BT is a much better choice. The table is less crowded, so scattering with the DR is not likely to hit anything, the BT still has to roll to hit, but if (when) they do, they are pretty much guaranteed to kill something that is worth alot of points.

Still…I’d prefer the DR. I just like the idea of raining fiery, explosive, shrapnel-y death on my opponent…even if it does miss them :slight_smile:

Lord Zarkov:

Death Rocket is cooler; but other special choices are better options; 2 BTs are definitly superior in most cases and are at 20pts less.


2 for 1 slot BTs at 60 points a pop is obscenely good.

In fact, it is probably one of the main reasons why people accuse CDs of being overpowered (that and LD 10 heroes).

In a target rich environment (such as against horde armies or a large game) death rockets have their uses, but in tournaments or in a take-on-all-comers list BTs ftw.


Death rockets have the same accuracy problems as earthshakers, but withuout the movement modifier that makes the earthshaker so useful. I think if you’ve got the room and don’t want to field any greenskins other than warmachines for your special choices (if you are going for a shooty army or else have enough H2H units already) then a deathrocket is a useful choice. The convoluted point I’m making is that the three war machines fielded together are very potent, as is any one in concentration (4 stonethrowers in 1,500pts against a horde, one of which slows movement is awesome). I’d go for the balance.


As I’ve said if the CDs get a revision the 2 for 1 special will be gone from the lineup just as it is happening in all the armies with BTs in 7th.


um no… O&G spear chukkas are still 2 for 1 special…

and ours is almost identical (although it has one less crew)…

but i dont have much hope for hobgoblins surviving for a new incatation of the book…

in fact i dont have much hope for a new incantation of the book…


I think hobbos are more likely to survive than the other greenskins slaves. I still think the most likely support we’ll get is a Kislev style booklet, and a couple of regiments of reknown releases.


I agree with AGPO on this, though I wouldnt throw in the towel just yet. We have had more attention come our way since SoC then we ever did before. We even had a Special Character for NC. I still think its just a matter of time, really. Remember that the whole range and image would have to be redone. Such things take time.

- Tallhat


I think hobbos are more likely to survive than the other greenskins slaves. I still think the most likely support we'll get is a Kislev style booklet, and a couple of regiments of reknown releases.

I concur. This is probably our best bet for a new "book" if at all IMHO.

Metro- Thanks for the update. However I'm willing to bet that in the new High Elves and Dark Elves they will not be 2-1, time will tell.

Uzkul Werit:

As far as I know, the High Elf Bolt Throwers are now one for each rare choice. This is purely because their multiple shot rule allows for alot more killing than a cheap Hobgoblin version.