[Archive] Death Rocket VS 2 Bolt Throwers


Now I have a problem, I’m wondering to myself if I should switch my death rocket out for a pair of bolt throwers. I already have two BT’s so this would make a total of four in the army. On the other hand, I like my death Rocket, and I’m excellent at guessing ranges (though that damned scatter die really messes with me).

My current artillery section is an earth shaker, a death rocket, and two bolt throwers. Should I turn that into an Earthshaker, and four bolt throwers?


I think 2 bolts are better than the rocket - the only thing is that the rocket have S8 so you can take out chariots, black coach … but if you have a earthshaker in you army bolts are better.

Ancient History:

Depends a bit on your play style and the opponent. Bolt throwers are better up-close, but their crews are cowardly.


I like to mix it up so although i would choose 2 BT’s and ES first the next choice would be DR ,just for the chance to use the model

I also play to many wargames so can guess perfectly in inches or cm’s:hat


I’d say death rocket, but then again, I’m good for accounting for scatter so it works well for me. The bolt thrower is more tornement effective ebcause it has the power of everyone elses for a fraction of the costy, making it very powerful for what you pay.

I stil say rocket though:)


I’m a pretty good guesser myself, but I’ve just gotten so tired of that scatter die. It just seems to ruin everything, and with four bolt throwers, I can take out monsters etc in one turn, whereas the death rocket would never hit them.


bolt throwers are pretty nasty, but don’t forget you’ve still got to hit your target, and those bad dice rolls are just as bad as scatters


Bolt throwers still for me. I’ve gotten much better at guessing, but bolt throwers are dirt cheap and effective.


Bolt throwers for sure, they are much easier to hit something with and evan if you guess good… scatter die sux.

I like to use the bolt throwers on large targets… it brings them down to size nice and quick, especially when you have 4 of them!

Zhatan the Black:

It depend because i have two lists written up a fun one which has death rockets and then my uber cheese… lets just say it may have 8 boltthrowers in it lol ^^


It depend because i have two lists written up a fun one which has death rockets and then my uber cheese.............. lets just say it may have 8 boltthrowers in it lol ^^

Zhatan the Black
Wooo watch you dont get clogged up with all that cheese! hehe


I’d say Bolt Throwers since they’re so incredibly cheap, but I’m sure a 2k list with 2 Earthshakers and 4 Death Rockets would be fairly amusing…

Zhatan the Black:

i have to say the 8 bolthrowers was just a theory list i havent got over 500points of CD yet and for fun i just wanted to see the cheesiest list that i could make


They are different weapons with different abilities

Bolt thrower,

Great at killing large monsters as the +1 to hit, combined with Strength 6, d3 wounds and no armour save equals bad news for a dragon, giant etc.

Great at killing expensive knights and heavily armoured elite infantry (black orcs, dwarves, chaos warriors) and nasty ASF sword masters .

Not so good against horde armies and standard infantry where it will struggle to make back its poitns

Death Rocket

Great against almost any unit - But it is both inaccurate especially against single high value targets and can misfire (which the bolt-thrower cannot).

Best used against a horde army where the probability of hitting ‘something’ is a lot greater.

Earth Shaker

As the Death Rocket BUT its major advantage is that it slows movement - mine often does little actual damage but pays for itself in controlling the movement phase

Personally I always take 4 Bolt-throwers at 2k and an Earth Shaker and don’t ever take Death Rockets as with anymore LOS based war-machines I find I struggle to maintain fire-lanes for them for 6 turns without compromising my other troops.

A lot depends on your play style - if you like the castle approach then 2 Earth Shakers, 2 Death Rockets and 4 Bolt-Throwers protected by Blunderbusses and warrior blocks should suit you perfectly

Hope that helps