[Archive] death rocket WIP


ok here it comes the GH winner who was to late


the goblin on the base was roughly converted so he has a west and a backpack and the thing the ddwarf is hitting is a big red button


the rocket needs more work adding wings


the dwarf doesn’t have a tall hat and he doesn’t have a big nose this is a sad day for all CDs

tell me what you think and say just as you think.:hat off


Jolpis: I really love the touch of having the greenskin being fired with the ordinance! It’d be a nice excuse for it drifting as the weight shifted… :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a rather nice conversion as well, I love the touch of the chains holding it in place.

I’m looking forward to seeing this completed and painted.

One little trick might be to mount the shell and ordinance on a flight base or round base (with something holding it up) to mark where it originally landed before drifting (assuming it doesn’t land in a unit).


One little trick might be to mount the shell and ordinance on a flight base or round base (with something holding it up) to mark where it originally landed before drifting (assuming it doesn't land in a unit).

i will use the transparent rods but i cant glue em in place before painting


Nice! I hope it’s weighted well as that looks cool. I really like the dark humor of it!

In fact it deserves slaves!


thanks btw i have another DR almost done its basically the same but theres no goblin and its not shooting its just loaded


just to bad i could not get it done before GH anyone know what next GH will be about and when?


Ah… I like it alot! Cant help, but I think more of a earthshaker than death rocket but its a really nice model!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Now that’s in interesting take on the “Rocketeer” theme. :slight_smile:


thanks i’ll work a bit more on the rocket and ill work a bit more on the base (it needs more dead ppl:cheers)


Where in sweden do you live? :slight_smile:


fristad near borås

and you?


Göteborg, www.foreningenylva.org/

Must say Im really impressed by your work considering your age! Looking forward to see more of it… :slight_smile:


this is my second time sculpting really the first is in the showcase

i actually go to GTB to buy minis since hobbex in borås stopped selling em

anyway back on topic do you think i should add a rim at the end of the rocket so it looks a bit like a blunderbuss end with flames coming out of it?

any changes or thoughts on the rocket?

any painting tips ( have no clue how to paint em (got two))


it’s wery evil!

i like it


@Jolpius: Wow! I never realized you were so young. By your work I pegged you at least as old as me (early to mid 20’s). GOOD WORK! You’ve got some talent my friend!


thank you thank you,

got another DR coming upp wanna se some pics?

(never should have told u guyes my age, ruins part of the fun talking with ya)


Nice work! Only thing which wonders me now is your age, because I don’t know it. Really great idea and the way you built it is awesome. Keep it up :cheers
You see, everybody here is so damned old XD I’m only 13 so I wondered if there are more young people around here.


thanks and im 14


I wonder if you will hang it strait from the gun on a wire or from the base. I think you may want a way to disconnect it for transit reasons. A very nice piece.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks awesome! It’s nice to know there are still young kids interested in hobbies.