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Hi Guys,

I’ll try to keep a bit of a running record of what I’m finishing atm for my Evil Stunties army.

I’ve just stuck together a Deathrocket and some unit fillers, I haven’t really got time to paint them yet, as I need to get the rest of the 2nd unit of CD assembled by Monday as I have 2 2250 pts games planned for our league.

I used a old Dwarven BT as a base, used the Hellcannon wheels and shield and a Orc 40K Rokkit. The crew have some of the Hellcannon crew bits.




Very nice job!

I’ve seen some variations on this idea before, but I think you’ve pulled it off best.


Wow, this is great! I love it. I can’t believe I missed this before. Whoops.


Great stuff… And following your progress of armies over on .org i’d guess this has already been painted along with the rest of your minis. Your speed and quality is awesome!

Cheers, Mont.


Sorry to dissapont then,

I’ve hit a two-week slump atm, a bit of fever, back-ache and some social obligations, left me with no time and a house which really needs some cleaning-attention.

Work will resume in a 2-3 days, I’ve jsut got the real BC bits in. (did you guys know you can also still get the original upper BC torso’s, I was surprised by this)




It might depend on the region. Where are the upper torsos available?

Can’t wait for more!


UK/NE Mail Order


It might depend on the region. Where are the upper torsos available?

in germany, too. they are criminal expensive, a whole BC would cost 13?, too much for a poor student :~
i could also buy BBs, but why shall i? ^^ that's all, BCs and BBs, it's a shame that i can't getold death rockets, they would be helpfull. but who cares, it's too late, i allready started converting my rocket :hat off