[Archive] Death Rocket?


There are some tournaments where I have heard of people taking 8 bolt throwers! :o

Sorry i'll stop...

No but seriously, my GW shop is all about the cheese. I fielded a beastmen 11PD 1000pt army list last week and no one even game me a glare... WHats the world coming to!


11PD in 1000 points.


What is the game coming to.

My Chaos Dwarfs have 10PD at 2K and I think thats overload, but I play the army only for fun.


I think the best solution to the whole BT and rocket thing is a single death rocket and 2 bolt throwers… though I’d prefer 2 rockets myself. Still, the combo gives the benefits of both.


I use 2 BT’s 1 Death Rocket and 1 Earth Shaker.


That sounds like a reasonable, but strong amount of warmachines.That’s about what I may end up fielding soon.


But again I use 3 magic casters at 2K also.


But again I use 3 magic casters at 2K also.

I personally love the Deathrockets.

(In) Accuracy aside, untill we get Hellcannons as.. well.. Cannon in our list they fill that niche with the earthshaker all too well.

I plan on fielding three death rockets, no Bolt Throwers and an Earthshaker.

I find Chaos Dwarfs really lack in long range firepower, My slaves I dont **trust** with missle weapons... lol...

They fit the Niche quite nicely.. if dangerously. Which fits the fluff nicely as well.

I dont think a single Deathrocket is reliable.. but multiples will work quite nicely.