[Archive] Deathrocket, inspired by Xander


Well, this is my first Dawi Zharr coversion ever, so drumroll please!

Silence fills the hall


It’s still WIP, of course, though I hope you get the idea; its obviously inspired from Xander’s, but I didn’t just want to copy, so I’ve added my own take. I’m moving away from whe White dwarf presents fluff, in that I’ve based in on a german Nebelwerfer rather than a single large rocket. I intend to fit a few tubes (between 3 and 6, I’m thinking) to the sloped top, possibly made from those covers you get to protect brushes; I should have a few kicking around somewhere.

Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:


Ps, apologies for the pic quality, I’m still learning the art of mini-photography :rolleyes:


Awesome! It looks great!

Maybe you could use the Helblaster gun/ rocket battery?

P.S what’s that bit on the front?


Looks good, couple of large rocket tubes should have your opponents shaking in their boots. Is that the BFSP cannon? It looks metal, so I’m not sure.

Lord Darkash:

Looking good, what you going to use for a rocket?


haha. looks good EF, i’d say have you posted it on the realm but, well, you know.

when are you gonna make some crew then, slaveboy


:o Wow, talk about fast replies… the guys on the realm usually take years to reply. Hmm, so I’ll address in order then:

@Chaosstunty: Thanks :). I assume you mean the skull bit on the front? Its a standard top from the marauders.

@grunts: Yeah, its the BFSP cannon, but it was origionally in my vanilla dawi army, and its been painted.

@Lord D: I’m thinking some of the brush protectors cut into shortish sections, about 1cm or so, as rocket tubes, with some toothpick and mace-head (marauders, gors, or chaos warriors) rockets, maybe not all in the tubes, but maybe some sort of rocket-rack or pile on the base.

@High Lord Minty: Firstly, my lord give me the credit I’m due, the title says “hobgoblin”. Ok, so I’m still a slave, but I’m a slave with a big nose and extra sneakiness, which is more then some can say. Secondly, I’m turning in after I’ve typed this, I have college in the morning, though its a half day, so I might do some this afternoon if I don’t have too much homework. If not, the weekend seems the most likely, I’ve only been at college 2 days, and they’ve already piled the work on :frowning: but yeah, keep a weather eye out, and hope the realm comes online soon, where I can outrank you once again. MWAHAHAHA! :hashut


:o Wow, talk about fast replies... the guys on the realm usually take years to reply.

We have an active forum with genuinely interested members. :hat off

Glad I could be of some inspiration. It's looking pretty good so far!

The pics are a bit blurry, maybe don't take a picture so close, allow the part to be in focus, then crop your large digital images afterwards. :)


:hat off, cool conversion! can’t wait to see this finished


@Lord D: I'm thinking some of the brush protectors cut into shortish sections

for small tubing use the stem out of spray bottles, its hard to explain what it is, if you unscrew the top of a trigger spay MRmuscle or something similar its hanging down from that, i used to use it for organ guns.


I like it. May “borrow” some ideas for mine when the time comes.


Ok, so I’ve finished the launcher part of the rocket; all from bitz there, no purchases neccisary. Which is good, for the terminally short of cash student that I am. :). That last pic is the rocket rack; not entirely finished, but the structure’s all there. Those things that look like greatweapons are actually rockets; ok, so they’re not rocket shaped, but they seemed like the kind of thing a rocket would actually be in the warhammer mythos; a hollow cannonball on a stick. A stickbomb, as it were (I’m not a fan of the steampunk influence thats slowly creeping in) Anyway, A little question; should I have the rocket tubes empty, as in the top pic, with the crew modelled to be loading them, or full, with the crew in the more usual commander, loader, and firer roles you tend to see in crews? Personally, I’m not too sure if it looks ok loaded, but then, it looks bare empty. Let me know what you think!



I think it looks cool both ways. If you’re not happy, try it in the process of being fired, IE a couple empty a couple full and 1 on it’s way out of the tube. I like the rocket Idea very much, you could add some stabiliser fins at the back to make them even better IMO, just some plasti-card triangles would do it. Also, I definately prefer the longer cylindrical heads to the spherical ones. You could add a GS cone to the top to make them look more rockety. I am really inspired by this thread, so you may find that some of your ideas are on their way to my army!!


I love the rocket base :smiley: ! Keep them loaded :slight_smile: