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My idea combining precision shooting with a weapon battery idea.  An engineer hero could replace one sniper, meaning that he’d be shooting at BS5

Deathspitter Snipers: 30pts/ team

1-9 per special choice.

Stats:  As regular CD warrior (hand weapon, heavy armour)

Firers:  2 per team

Range:  24�?�

Strength:  6 -1 Armour Piercing

Skirmishers.  The Deathspitter Sniper teams are made up of two Chaos Dwarfs.  They have one Deathspitter Sniper Cannon between them, it is assumed that the one that is not firing is acting as a spotter.  

Deathspitter Sniper Cannon:

The Deathspitter Sniper Cannon is fired in the same way as a move or shoot missile weapon.  It is supported by thick armoured plates that confer +1 Armour save to the Chaos Dwarfs firing it against non magical ranged attacks.

Although it is the pinnacle of Chaos Dwarf precision engineering, the sniper cannon has a complex firing system that may occasionally seize up in the heat of battle.  If a sniper team rolls a 1 to hit their cannon has malfunctioned.  They cannot fire in the next friendly shooting phase, but will fire as normal thereafter.

Precision shooting:

The Deathspitter Snipers may pick any target they can see, but if they fire on a single model they will suffer a -1 to hit modifier (characters/champions do not benefit from the �?~look out sir�?T rule).

Battery formation:

Sniping teams may be deployed separately on the battlefield or as part of a battery formation, forming a skirmishing single unit or multiple units that can be deployed in any combination of unit sizes, with a minimum of 2 per formation and a maximum of 9.  If they are in battery formation they must all fire at the same target, but will have any hits from shooting against them resolved as for a unit of skirmishers.

Flaming Marker

After selecting their target the player must state their intended method of firing; regularly or using the flaming marker shot.

If using the flaming marker the firer forgoes a high strength shot in order to mark a target with an alchemical incendiary shot, making it easier for other snipers to hit.  The shot is resolved at Strength 4 (-1 AP) and is flaming.  If the shot wounds an enemy unit, or a multi-wound creature, any subsequent shots by other Sniper teams in the same weapon battery will have +1 to hit against this target.  A target may only be lit by one flaming marker per formation.  Targets lit up by a flaming marker can be targeted if night fighting rules are in play.

Thommy H:

Night fighting rules?


The idea is cool but… Well, these are Jezzail teams!


They are half way between jezzails and hochland long rifle.  Night fighting rules as in those used by general’s compendium, clan eshin army etc.

As in;

Under Cover of Darkness (normally artillery dice x 3 is line of sight range).  So in one shooting phase they manage to see a target; they successfully mark it.  Then in the following phase their unit cannot ‘see’ it because they roll badly.  They can still target it because it’s lit up.

Kera foehunter:

Wow the title brough me to see this one!!

sounds like a cool deck gun idea !!

what about misfires a canon like that could do a lot of damage


I imagine the sort of ‘gun’ here to be like a Barrett M107 50mm sniper rifle.  A huge calibre rifle by warhammer standards, hence me calling it a sniper cannon.  It wouldn’t actually fire like a cannon, but I couldn’t think how to phrase that in another way.  I guess it could just be called a Deathspitter?

How it would look is something I was wondering the other night.  Basically the gun would be mounted on a firing platform, something with 4 legs so it can pivot.  It would have armoured plates down both sides to provide some cover.

It would be an awesome weapon for a ship.


Sounds awesome.

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Great idea Grim, these sound like a cool CD weapon that i could see them inventing and using :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

so is there any deamon craft woven into the canon


I didn’t really think of it in those terms actually, but I suppose it would be possible to work something in.  Once I’ve got my current work things and GD projects done I will do a sketch or something for this.

I had an idea that it would look like a load of twisted metal woven around the legs and gun bit. Like an actual creature, but it would only look like that, it wouldn’t be alive.

Kera foehunter:

that sounds cool !! im also working on canons with a deamon woven in them

i have a canon that is like the hell canon ( but pirates )

it has the former dead crew as part of the canon

i wish i could wright fluff as good as you


I like the general idea, but I can’t help but think that any CD creation should be heavier calibre - less like a Jezzail/Hochland, and more like a Jezzail/Cannon.
That said, I had a nameless creation similar to this idea for some time, so I’ll nick the (rather good) name and just throw it up here.

Deathspitter Crews…25pts/Crew

         M WS BS S T W I A LdSpotter  3  4  3 3 4 1 2 1  9Gunner   3  4  4 3 4 1 2 1  9Marksman 3  4  5 3 4 1 2 1  9
Unit Size: 2-8 Deathspitter Crews
Deathspitter Crew = 1 Gunner, 1 Spotter
Equipment: Hand weapon, heavy armour. Gunners man a Deathspitter Volley Gun.
- One Gunner may be upgraded to a Marksman for +15pts. A Marksman may target (seperately from the other Gunners) any model within his line of sight and range, regardless of targeting restrictions. If he chooses to do so, he suffers from an additional -1 penalty to hit.
Special Rules: Unyielding, Implacable, Gun Crews

Gun Crews: A Deathspitter Gun Crew unit consists of multiple Deathspitter Gun Crews, each one consisting of two separate models, the Gunner and Spotter. These models move as Skirmishers. In combat, the Spotters are always ranked up before the Gunners.

Deathspitter Volley Gun: Range 24", S5, Armour Piercing, x2 Multi Shots, Move-and-Shoot
After measuring distances but before rolling to hit, roll a D6 for each firing Deathspitter (+1 for each bonus applied, as explained below). Any rolls of a 1 mean something has gone boom - remove the Deathspitter Gunner.

Each unit may apply up to three bonuses per shooting phase, rolling an additional D6 (see above) when firing for each one:
* The shots of Deathspitter Guns in the unit are Strength 6.
* Deathspitter Guns in the unit may fire x3 Multi Shots.
* The shots of Deathspitter Guns in the unit are Magical and Flaming.
* The shots of Deathspitter Guns in the unit ignore to Hit penalties for Moving and Shooting or Long Range.