[Archive] Decided to leave this forum



I am sorry you have come to this decision.  I never like it when it comes to things like this, and would be happy to discuss it further with you by pm should you wish to.

I feel if you are to leave we should clear a few things up first.

I agreed with HB in that as a thread that had to be locked.  I am sorry if you think that is being too dictatorial, but I believe the question you asked had already been answered (we all disagreed with each other… unsurprisingly), and that keeping the thread open was only going to perpetuate ‘aggressive’ discussions.  I would have locked it myself if I had gotten there in time, so do not think badly of HB for doing that.

None of us are in the business of trying to convince each other of anything, we are all simply raising points for discussion.  In the case of your thread people can play Chaos Dwarfs in any way they want.  I only use the RH rules in a few of my games, most of the time it’s my own house rules (I actually played most of the Nemesis campaign using the Dwarf rules).  If you want to play as dwarfs that’s perfectly fine, but there is no reasons why we should expect anyone else to, is there?

We do appreciate hearing the views of all our forum members, those that disagree with those views are free to reply as they see fit.  If they can back up their view points with facts I guess it makes their position stronger.  But as you know it is the nature of any forum that there will always be people who feel equally as strongly as you do about something.

If you do decide to leave it is your loss.  This is the only active Chaos Dwarf forum out there and a lot of good stuff happens here.  If you want to leave and lurk for 6 months before returning that might be an idea?  You wouldn’t be the first to do that and I doubt anyone would think the less of you for it.  We are all here because of our common love of an army right?

I will not say more here, as far as I’m concerned i’ve said everything that needs saying from a staff POV.  I wouldn’t expect anyone to contact you to offer their reasons, but if you do want to discuss this more you can pm me.

I believe most of the people who would want to offer some positive feedback here have already had their say, and on the off chance we have some unhelpful negative comments I will lock this thread.  You wanted feedback, so here it is.  Any staff that want to comment further can always pm you directly or unlock this thread to reply.