[Archive] Decline in modeller's quality

Hashut’s Blessing:

Has anybody else noticed just how horrendous the modellers/‘eavy Metal team have become with putting pieces together recently?

I’m genuinely of the opinion that I need to point out just how horrid some pieces look in this month’s White Dwarf.

the main thing that springs to mind off the top of my head, is the joint of the new Dragon Ogres’ arms. In fact, I’ve just grabbed my copy to check and you can see how abysmal it looks on the front cover - in particular the middle model on the arm on our left.

Again, on page 8, the leftmost model has an actual gap in the arm (that would require ordinary greenstuff, not even just liquid

Thommy H:

Oh, I noticed this last month with the new Deathwing models. The Apothecary is the best example, although most of the others are a bit dodgy too. Have a look at the position of his arms: the left one is positioned way too low, so it looks like he’s sort of shrugging. It’s really weird. It’s like the guy assembling them just didn’t know how Terminators were supposed to fit together.

Hashut’s Blessing:

But that’s my point - the people designing the molds should be doing their job: making models fit together well. If they’re not, the guys that make the molds should notice that. If they don’t, quality-assurance guys should (since that is their sole job - to check the product is up to scratch!). If they somehow miss it, then the guy putting them together should point it out or at least cover it up. If the guys before him did their job right (which I would assume to be the case), then he/she must be ACTIVELY putting them together badly because it’s impossible to do so otherwise - in which case, WHY and why can’t he use greenstuff like the best model-makers in the world (supposedly) should be able to to make it look like there’s no problem?

I’m certainly no whizz-kid at this hobby, so if the #1 guys who even made the ruddy thing can’t put it together, how on Earth am i supposed to be able to manage it?!


I think for some of the studio models they have magnetised the parts (at least I suspect that’s what it is) so they paint one body and have alternate heads/arms - I would bet that’s what the gaps indicate. The Khorne Lord on Jugger is a good example.

Either way, I personally have found their kits have never been better. I know their prices are top end but they certainly do deliver, at least the plastics do. Minimum mould lines, great detail and fit. Have you actually had bad experiences with their minis (I don’t mean Failcast, I mean plastics)?

White Dwarf is a big improvement on what it was 6 months ago too - sure, there aren’t may pics of regular players’ minis but if you want those you can see a billion of them on the net.

Kera foehunter:

so is this in the last couple of white dwarfs ?? i haven’t bought any since 2009.


don’t find it surprising at all, just another incidence of corporate style indifference to actual quality as opposed to retoric

Thommy H:

Although I agreed before (based on the studio Deathwing models last month), I’ve since had a look at the Dragon Ogres, HB, and I can’t see the gaps you’ve mentioned. Are you sure it’s not just shading? There’s heavy black-lining on their arm rings but I’m not sure it’s an actual gap in the model. I might just be missing something though.


Look right between his pectorals in this pic, I noticed that the shading is poorly done:

Hashut’s Blessing:

In a couple of instances it is just peculiar shading - in which case, why is it like that when they supposedly produce perfect and beautiful painting every time?

Most of it is the magnets thing, IMO. I did look again after the first post and think “Have they just switched the parts”, but it’s poorly positioned nonetheless.

Baggronor - don’t get me wrong, it is a MASSIVE improvement over what it was then and in some ways (mostly aesthetically) it’s better than even Fat Bloke’s generation of WDs. As for quality of the plastics - I’ll put it this way, when you work there, you see how often there are problems, lol. But in general terms, yes, they have become more accurate - although I have found an increase in gaps in my plastic models at the same time and rate the quality of the sculpts increases. I think thy try to be clever with the way parts fit together (sometimes making it the only way without conversion) and it’s not been done accurately enough or doesn’t translate well into the mold.

Kera: specifically the last two month’s. Although last year, for 6 months, I heard the manager and his lackeys of my store 9whilst I worked there) do nothing but complain about the poor quality of it… Not that that influenced me and they were the sort who liked to moan, but it does show I’m not alone in my thoughts.

Abecedar: I don’t think that’s it so much as they haven’t been given the luxury of time to do them and, since thinking on it further and realising they’ve probably made the studio’s models interchangeable for weapons, that’s it’s probably more to do with the person setting up the models not taking the time to check they’re properly put together or have the photographer rushing them etc.

Xander: I can’t comment as the picture’s not showing for me, lol :smiley:

Kera foehunter:

I might have to go check this out . i love to see the great quality of pros