[Archive] Dedwrekka's Grenadier Guard (Image heavy, of course)


A first attempt at a Camo net covered tank. I’ve since given up on the idea until I can get my hands on a more open weave material.

A few prototypes for my infantry. Made from West Wind heads, Trollforged bodies, and Cadian arms.

The bodies are a little larger than a normal GW Guardsman, and the fact that West Wind’s heads actually have a neck puts them head and shoulders above the normal Guardsmen. Not too worried about it, even been working it into my background for the army. Putting it to scale it would only put them about a foot and 1/4’ taller than a normal Guardsmen (so somewhere around 6’10"-7’2"). Even though it’s a little bigger, I think they’ve managed to make it more in scale than with GW guard, even though it’s bits from multiple companies.


Looking good dedwrekka they look very WW1 storm troopers, look forward to seeing some more

Border Reiver:

for the camo net I would suggest cheesecloth. The weave is fairly open, and the material ususally takes dye fairly well, and it will hold its shape if you soak it in white glue and water first.

Kera foehunter:

i even try burlap bags !! or even plastic mesh that comes on oranges ??

i do like the green on the tank


like the net on the tank,looks cool,what did you used for that?

it looks a little bit like sm salamanders tank,with that pure green

the infantery looks nice,too

thought first you used armageddon troups…nice conversion