[Archive] Demon Armor


Among the upper echelons of the Chaos Dwarf Hierarchy, where the summoning of greater daemons and even the chaining of Demigods is as commonplace as the sacrifices to Hashut, there is a single suit of armor capable of reducing the proud, often arrogant and aloof, leaders of the Chaos Dwarfs to bowing as their knees give out. A God nearly as powerful as Hashut himself is imprisoned in this suit of pure obsidion. Power unrestrained flows through the wearer, and the backwash alone of spells cast by this powerful suit can reduce the surroundings to ash. But this power comes at a price: souls; and lots of them.

If you so choose, your army general may wear the Obsidian Armor for 250 pts.

Armor save of 2+ that cannot be improved in any way.

+3 S

+3 WS to a total of no more than 8

+2 T

+2 M

Special Rules:


For every enemy model killed specifically by the wearer of the Obsidian Armor place a D6 in a special die pool.

You may choose to further imbue your armor with souls, or use the souls in a spell.

Imbue: 5 souls: +1S, 5 souls: +1T

Spell: 15 souls: Eruption: Place the large template around the wearer. All models (besides the wearer) take D6 S5 hits. 5 souls: spirit blast: target a model withing 15" of the wearer. This model takes D6 S5 hits with no armor saves allowed. 1 soul: target a model within 10" of the wearer. This model takes 1 S4 hit.

You may use one imbue and two spells per turn during your magic phase

At the end of your turn, if the wearer of the Obsidian Armor has not killed any enemies, permanently reduce his S by 1 and T by 1.


The wearer of the Obsidian Armor has become, for all intents and purposes, a demigod capable of incredible wonders. However, these wonders create such a powerful backwash that the wearer is unable to stay among his own troops without causing them harm. The wearer of the Obsidian Armor can never join a friendly unit.


The wearer of the Obsidian Armor causes Fear.


If the wearer of the Obsidian Armor is killed, place the large template over him. For every 5 souls still captured, add 1S to a base S of 3 for the cosmic explosion resulting from the wearer’s death. This template will remain for 2 turns, and all models passing through it take one hit.

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