[Archive] Designing a CD teaser


If you could design an animated teaser for the CD of 30 seconds to 1 minute, what would you include?  You’d need some sections of writing I think, to explain who the CD are to those who’ve never heard of them.

Trying to think of what exactly to write would be important, as each page would likely only be there a few seconds. So you’d probably need as little text as possible, but enough that people get the message…

Try to think of it like those really epic teasers for films

Kera foehunter:

so do we post it here !how much facts and how much fluff


A sorceror looking down into the mines with Warriors and Hobgoblins forcing the slaves to work


Probablly some shots of lanmarks, evil looking dwarfs and some long suffering slaves. With all these things the important thing is EPIC scale


Then a shot of the blasted landscape of the Darklands, followed by a brief clip of the bronze doors of Hashuts cell (maybe them exploding open and killing the dwarf king that read them


i can see a battle between cds and greenskins…

shots containing warriors fighting, bbs shooting greenies to shreds, flanked by hobbos… then o&g black orks and big uns pushing cds back…

then artillery fire from a top of the hill, rockets flying, big ES shells exploding and leaving huge craters… boar riders and wolves counterattack the flank…

finally, a cd lord on hovering taurus angry expression while he leans backward and raising his hammer, sending hoards of wolves and bcs to the fore and then himself swooping into battle…

at least thats what i would enjoy to see animated :slight_smile:


oh, and I forgot the mordor-like darklands-scenery :slight_smile:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

An aerial shot of the tower of Zharr Naggrund, similar to how Barad-Dur was introduced in the LotR. Rivers of lava. An image of a huge brazen bull statue. Cracking of whips and greenskins growling. I love being a Chaos Dwarf! :smiley:


Mordor-esque vista of CDs marching to war, burning torches illuminating the dark. Unspecified enemy scattering Hobgob slaves to be confronted by Immortals shieldwall. Massive melee ensues, CD lord pushes to the front and lays about the enemy with a flaming hammer. Immortals break the enemy, CD lord bellows orders and the CD lines reform, BB annihilate the fleeing foe (in an almost matrix-like slow-mo shot of outrageous carnage :)).


It’d run something like the Isengard scenes from Two Towers, combined with some of the battle-scenes others have mentioned.


Should include the words malevolent and resolute in either words, voice over or some such.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

just the landscape then some fighting then some slaving

masterpeace :slight_smile:


A sorcer on the top of a ziggurat worshiping a statue of Hashut.

Kera foehunter:

the pirates stealing all the gold and trading it for rum. while enslaving the drunken ogres.


I have a few things I’m playing round with at the moment.  I’m in the process of making the music for it out of bits from various films.

What I plan to do is very basic compared to the above (which all sound awesome), if only I could do 3d animation sigh.

My plan is basically a CD forging a mask, banging the metal on an anvil a few times, quenching it, then putting it on.  A line of text every few seconds:

A world at war.

A forgotten Race

A time for reckonging.

Thirst for Vengeance

The Lesser Races will tremble.

Their Slaves will burn.

All for the glory of Hashut,

Warhammer Armies:  Chaos Dwarfs.

Overall it will be quite basic, but that’s the only way it will be achievable for me.


We’re burning their slaves? Why not put them to work?


You always have a few spares ;). That would be an interesting debate in iself actually… I might start another thread somewhere (here).

Uzkul Werit:

I’d keep any views of an actual Chaos Dwarf to a minimum. Have a brief, shadowy close up of one right at the end.


Seems a weird intro…


My plan is basically a CD forging a mask, banging the metal on an anvil a few times, quenching it, then putting it on.

And at the end he comes stomping out of a cave in a steam-powered brass exoskeleton shooting great plumes of flame from his hands!!

** "I AM IRON MAN!!" Dun--Dun--dundundun....**

I fully approve.