[Archive] Destroyer wip

giantsquig :

Here are some wip pics of my destroyer. I use the beastman Gorgon as the base for it. I’m going to make the fire born out The Minotaurs from the same range.

Sorry for the phone pics.

giantsquig :



cool job…can’t wait to see it painted and battle ready…

Goltor Lintrepide:



Well, it’s really well executed, especially the fire on its back. My only critique might be that it still looks like a Gorgon! It makes me think to Beastmen rather than Chaos Dwarfs… But yet again, it’s a thin line between cow worshipers and cow men :slight_smile:


So far it looks great and I dont mind the gorgon but if you could change its face I think most detractors would be swayed.


it looks interesting ^^ really nice chains…


Neat! I’m in the middle of a conversion off of the Gorgon kit, so it’s nice to see what approach someone else has taken with it.

Kera foehunter:

NIce !!! and love it .He has more chains than Mr. T


good work.

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That will be impressive once it’s painted. Good work this far!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Extremely nice piece and looks like it took a lot of time as well. Love the addition of the jewellers chains.

As said before, I think the only way to improve it (and disassociate it from the ghorgon) is to play with the head a bit. I’d recommend a facemask from the defiler kit or make a metal helm/faceplate or something (akin to the head in the Monstrous Arcanum book).

But really ncie job there.

giantsquig :

I"m going to try and add some armor plates to the shoulders, hips/thighs, and will work on a head plate. I’m going to use plastic card so if I don’t like it does not get glued down :slight_smile: