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My first Chaos Dwarves- I bought them to be a stand in for a hellcannon in my WoC army.

my friend lent me Tamurkhan which set gears in motion leading to improving my BFSP dwarves

an infernal castelan

Gun crew

(hob)goblin wolf riders

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



this is an attempt at a deathshrieker rocket launcher from the bits box

I think it might work with the right paint job, if not it didn’t cost anything.

A sorcerer prophet from a LOTR model, It sort of came out a bit like Charlton Heston’s moses so he’ll get cold dead hands in the paint job

My other bits on here Infernal guard and Iron Demon

There’s more to come- I’ve got a unit of thunderers and dwarf warriors in surgery at the moment.


I like your wolfriders!


couple of horns and tusks on your sorcerer and it’ll be really great. and a boar centaur to push the death rocket


The conversions look great. I look foward to seeing how the Deathshrieker turns out.


Some more bits to add to this.

Infernal guard with fireglaves

Infernal guard with great weapons or shields and hand weapons.

great weapons


I thought that I could try out both weapons configurations and work out which one I liked best by putting the models with one type at the front and sides of the unit.

These have been painted in greens and blues with copper armour to reflect the Cthulhu masks

Weapons crew



I’ve got further than I’ve photographed. I’ll try and take more pictures tomorrow.


love the warmachine,great idea

Blue in VT:

Are those tentacle faces? if so I love them…this is a very interesting army…nice work



I agree Blue! The tentacle faces are awesome, I can’t wait to see them painted!


The tentacle masked Infernal guard

Infernal guard with great weapons

Infernal guard with fireglaves

deathshrieker hitched to my Iron Deamon

This i found in my boys playmobil box and i think it should make a great dreadquake mortar if they don’t notice it missing.


Those warriors are looking very very nice!



They will notice and they will strike you down with righteous fury and anger

Put it back and erase all evidence you were in the room,I tried this with the very same cannon and was busted within moments of the paint job



Lol, love that. A shame that my kids are too old for that ( or perhaps I should rummage through some old chests with playthings???).

Kera foehunter:

Davy Jones give you his approval !!

best mask ever


Some bull centaurs from leftover dwarf bodies and chaos warhounds. I should have enough bits for a unit of ten.


Finecast hell cannon, about 1/2 way through painting so far.


I like the look of the skulls on your hellcannon. Really like them.


Thanks Galladorn, Its a black undercoat with Dark angels green then a black ink wash. Then three successive highlights of woodland green, scorpion green and rotting flesh.

A bit more work to my bull centaurs. I’ve since added tusks to all of them last night and improved some of the backs

Work in progress on a Tenderiser. I’ve built it so the mechanism works. I did a lot more to this last night and I’ll take pictures during the day to show here.


Cool stuff so far, looking forward to see where you will take this!


More work on my tenderiser, I’ve added a pavaise, straightened the centaurs arms and done some details as well as refining the mechanism.