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Devotes of Darkness

A few centuries ago, a small organisation appeared in Zharr Naggrund, called the Devotes of Darkness. It was an organisation completely loyal to their god Hashut, but that had the idea of using other weaker deamons for their own benefit. The fusion between machines and deamons had been used for a long time, but the fusion between chaos dwarfs and deamons had never worked out, as the deamons soon took complete control of the host, and could not be used as the chaos dwarfs wanted. It wasn´t until Uznet Dalsir, the leader of that small group, came with a new solution to bind the deamons into dwarfish flesh. Thanks to his unholy signs the dawi zhars were capable to release only a small part of the deamon when they were enraged. Then more enraged the host got, then more of the deamons power could be released.

Today, thought not very common, the Devotes of Darkness battle together with the forces of Zharr Naggrund just as another unit. Thought they aren´t very popular in their home society for obvious reasons, in battle they are very appreciated by their evil dwarfish comrades.

Devotes of Darkness 17 points

Unit size: 10+

                          M WS BS S T W I A Ld

Devoted               3   4   2  4  4 1  3 1 8

Champion              3   4  2  4  4  1 3 2 8

Equipment: Two handweapons and light armour.

Special Rules:


Unholy signs: The devotes haves tatoos that don´t only protects them in the battle, but from the daemons they have inside their bodies aswell.

The unholy signs gives a 6+ ward save.

Daemonic rage: Normally, the Devotes of darkness have a complete control over their bodies. But during the battle, they let their inner daemons take over their actions. Then more enraged the devoted gets, then more the deamon show it´s power.

The Devoted of darkness receives +1 to his strenght (already included in the stats). They do also move +1D6 inches every turn. Additionally, if they are shooten or an unfriendly spell is cast on them, they move an additional +1D6 inches. If they would reach the enemy base to base with this additional movement, it counts as a charge.


So, I made up those rules a few weeks ago, and wondered what you guys (and girls) thought about them. The point value for champion, musician and standard bearer is the same as for normal chaos dwarfs warriors. I was most wondering for the pointcost (yes, maybe a little high on the cost,especially thinking about how easy it is to kill them compared to a normal dwarf, but they are very good in CC…), as well as help on their background. Or if any of you have suggestions on anything else, I´m also interessed.

So, what do you think about them? Do they need anything else? Some other opinion?


How does it work when someone’s charge reaction is to shoot, and the unit was initially outside of charging distance?

What does “fiently” mean?


The movement thing is unbalancing them.  

But as it is they could potentially charge 24"?

I added up the points and before the movement thing it comes to 14 pts/ model. So I’d make it +D3" movement total, maybe make them 17 pts/model to test.


What does "fiently" mean?

A case of Swenglish there.
I'm guessing Arashi was gunning for "unfriendly", i.e. enemy spells.


Thank you all for the fast replies!

@cornixt: As snowblizz explained, it was “swenglish” for “unfriendly” :stuck_out_tongue:

And as for your question, well, you can´t start a charge reaction until you see that that unit can charge you, right?

Let´s say that that the unit of devotes are 10 inches away from their enemy. They then tries to charge that unit. Their charge would be 6" (double of their normal 3 inches movement) + 1D6". They have bad luck, and only roll a 2. Therefore, they can´t reach their opponent, and therefore the charge is not completed, and they can only move 5" into the same direction (3+2"). Had they rolled 4+, then it would have been a successful charge (6+4"=10"), and a charge reaction like the one you proposed could be used.

@Grimstonefire: No, they could charge max 12" what I know, unless you mean during the enemies turn. I guess you could charge that long, and even further, but I don´t know if you would have much of a unit left if they had been shot that many times.

You think that 1D3 is better for the extra move? Should I still have 1D6 for when they are shot?


I would say try and do some playtesting with their movement as 3+D3 total (nothing after being shot at). See how that goes. Fluffwise moving more than 7" could be seen as going against logic, but it would depend on what they are supposed to look like. I have something in my list that moves 6" but has atrophied wings.


Thank you Grimstonefire. Will see when I have some time to try to test them…