[Archive] Dharr Uzkul, Warrior of the Wastes


Dharr Uzkul, Warrior of the Wastes

M3 WS7 BS1 S6 T4 T5 W3 I4 A4 LD10 300 points

Dharr may never be the army general, but he always counts as a lord choice

Dharr FireBane was born to Thane Kazidi FireBane of a dwarven settlement known as Kazik Uthri. Unfortunately Dharr was born as a Nubungki, a dwarf with a physical blemish. Dharr was an albino dwarf with a disfigured face and after five years of captivity sent down the river near Marienburg towards the Sea of Claws. It was there that he was to die and be cleansed forever out of dwarven history. Thane FireBane pretended that the baby died at birth, saving his honor and clan at the same time.

Dharr did not die, however. He was taken in by a tribe of chaos ogres that saw potential in him as a pet. At birth he was fed the meat of daemons and other unholy things. When he grew enough to lift an axe he quickly joined the ogres brutal customs. Already from the unholy daemon flesh he was given enhanced strength literally allowing him to wrestle and win against his ogre overseers.

In ten years at the age of twenty he killed the entire tribe in a maddened rage. After that he took to wandering the wastes by himself slaying anything that got in his way. All the while pledging himself to Khorne and becoming one of his most devout servants. In fifty years he had already slain a mighty Warlord of Khorne, taking his bloody axe and naming it the Soul-Stealer. After that he began to hate the dwarfs for what they had brought him to.

He returned towards civilization literally slaughtering an entire dwarf settlement by himself. When he arrived at Kaziki Uthri Thane FireBane was already aged and weakening, while he was at his greatest.

With a howl Dharr charged into the throng of startled dwarf guards. None stood before his rage and vengeance. Although many tried they were all killed. Thane FireBane himself was caught unprepared while in his feast-room. Butchered on the spot with his entire family the axe literally tore out his soul and implanted it into FireBane’s once proud shield.

He has carried it with him ever since gathering a small gathering of fallen dwarfs.

Special Rules: Unbreakable, frenzy, hate all dwarfs, blessing of khorne, causes fear for dwarfs, and Blood for the Blood God.

Equipment: Soul Stealer, Shield of Woe, dwarf bone armor (light armor).

Weapon Rules: The Soul Stealer allows no armor saves.

The Shield of Woe is counted as a shield, however in either the shooting phase or the close combat phase the Shield of Woe is allowed to make a fury roll which is a regular leadership roll using Dharr’s leadership. If the test is passed an enemy unit the player chooses (within 12 inches) takes 2 strength 10 hits with no armour saves allowed. This represents the warped dwarf spirit of Thane FireBane within the shield venting his frustration upon anything in his way.

Unbreakable: The Blood God frowns upon cowardice, thus Dharr must never flee. He is unbreakable.

Blessing of Khorne: Having been bestowed the Soul Stealer Dharr is the chosen of Khorne, giving him a 4+ ward save during close combat and a 2+ ward save against any magic or shooting attacks.

Blood for the Blood God: Dharr hates dwarfs and literally wishes to kill any dwarf nobility he sees. If a unit he engages contains a runelord, runesmith, master engineer, lord, or thane Dharr automatically challenges them.

Frenzy: Backed by the ferocity of Khorne, Dharr has the frenzy rules.

Causes fear for dwarfs: Such is the reputation of Dharr that all dwarfs wishing to charge him must take a psychology test unless special rules conflict with this. (IE immune to fear ect.)

Hate all dwarfs: Dharr has hatred against all dwarfs due to the way they have wronged him over the years.


BUMP! Anyone have any comments on the rules or the fluff. Anything would be nice.


i do like the fluff a lot, especially the bit where he gets taken in by ogres, i think the rules are really nice and characterful.

it would be very nice to maybe see an image of him (a model maybe(hint hint))


Thanks. But, trust me I don’t think you want to see anything painted by me. shudders I am okay, but bad at detail and making them look real. Mine look like painted soldiers. (just like any other 14 year old boys models)


i wouldn’t mind if its not painted just a model would be cool.