[Archive] Did CDs get a fair crack?


And the answer - NO.

People have mentioned on another forum site that the reason the CDs were kind of dropped was that they were not that popular!

and yes they would be right! but and this is a big BUT if they had the same amount as effort put into them as the other races then they may have stood at least a chance.

To start they didn’t even get a proper army book they got a load of white dwarf articles stappled together.

The miniture range was poor (yes there are some good models).

there whole release felt so half hearted how could they do well.

Why can’t the models be bought from GW online? Poor:hashut


They have never been given the full treatment which would account for their status as a lower tier army. They have as big a user base as GW cared to build.


You can still buy some of the models from the GW store.


Are CDs really that much less popular currently than wood elves were before their current version?

Uzkul Werit:

Wood Elves were always more popular. They had that one site running since the 5th edition. Infact, there’s about three Wood Elf players at my local GW and only two Chaos Dwarf ones.


Infact, there's about three Wood Elf players at my local GW and only two Chaos Dwarf ones.

Uzkul Werit
That might be because Wood elves currently have the best models, and CDs haven't been available since mid-5th ed.


- Kyte


How about Dark Elves? They’re not that popular I think.


umm, yes we are where actualy very popular, I find em everywhere


At my last GW store there were 6 DE players out of 15 people!


Having played quite often at my local battle bunker I only ever saw 1 WE player before the current release, and 1 CD player. And thats where theres hundreds of players who come in at least fairly often. Doesn’t seem like that big a disparity to me.

And at smaller shops players are always likely to take the advice of staff members (or very good regulars) fav armies. Having a staff member who plays Ogres or Delfs or orks or any other of the rare armies means theyll have about twice as many people playing that army than an army that isnt being shown off and talked about all the time.

Now see, at my usual shop, there arent any staff who play Dark Elves. So theyre significantly less popular than say Tomb Kings. (As we have one staff member with a huge TK army and one veteran whos been doing quite well with them in Nemesis Crown) People are heavily influenced by what they see works in game. but other armies are out of sight, out mind.


fair crack for everyone!

seriously… big hat CDs were the most unpopular army ever… EVER!..
even ogres are more popular… think about that…
its only now that they have become a niche army that people are interested in them…
and since the battle for skull pass hit the shelves the number of CD players has quite literally doubled…
think about that…

so no… there was not much activity before you all arrived…
and there have always been more WE, DE, TK, OK players than CD players…


Growing in numbers, we are!

Time to show GW we care about Chaos Dwarfs. :wink: Go BFSP Go!


The problem was publishing the entire army list in WD. CDs became the “I could” army where people would be thinking “I could always do a Chaos Dwarf army since I already have the list” but because they had made no initial investment in the army like most people do, they don’t have the motivation to actually start in order to make that initial investment worthwhile.

This is partly where Ogres failed too. People bought a unit to use in their current army, thinking “I could always use them in an Ogre Kingdoms army” but since they already had them they didn’t have that subconscious nagging feeling that they were wasting money if they didn’t collect a full army.

Uzkul Werit:

And besides, an Ogre army is a pain the backside to transport. I’d have to cut up my carry case completely to fit them in! Where as Hobbits and Chaos Dwarfs fit rather snuggly.


No to mention that Ogres are the worst army in whole WHFB in case of rules. Even Dark Elves are better.

The Flying Beaver:

Even Dark Elves are better.
Err, Dark Elves are quite good.


Comparing to ogres - sure!

But to other armies - they have no cheesy combination, only a dragon (with a weak elf mounted) and bolt throwers. COK are point-hungry and stupid, and each infantry unit (excluding normal warriors) is weak.


yes see, they have no cheesy combination, thats why there a good army, you powergamer:mad, and face the city guard or cult of slaneesh list, and redecide your oppinions


Hee hee hee

In this case, DE are a really good army, but it means that every other army needs major alterations :slight_smile:

City garrison is not-so-official, and it’s still one-a-go army, and CoS has nothing but magic and anointed.


You can still buy some of the models from the GW store
true but not enough to field a legal army, and many essential choices such as heroes and cc warriors are not available. You have to convert or locate elsewhere SOME models for your army