[Archive] Did u know


that lack of pirates is main cause of global warming?

P.S. lets just start thread with random funny facts :wink:


Yes, as a pastafarian i am well aware of this.

And did you know that water buffalos farts from their mouths?

Kera foehunter:

Due to globle warming !!! Pirate also now where less clothing !!

but still love booty


Don’t know where you got your stats from but the number of pirates is way off. There are tons of pirates in this day and age:


That page monitors all reports of modern piracy in real time, including shots fired at commercial vessels, boardings, etc.


@GRNDL: But that is where you get it wrong!

"According to the Pastafarian belief system, pirates are “absolute divine beings” and the original Pastafarians. Their image as “thieves and outcasts” is misinformation spread by Christian theologians in the Middle Ages and by Hare Krishnas. Pastafarianism says that they were in fact “peace-loving explorers and spreaders of good will” who distributed candy to small children, and adds that modern pirates are in no way similar to “the fun-loving buccaneers from history.” "

Kera foehunter:

Sorry Grndl i had a bad year and used other pirates. They where much cheeper than me losing a ship or to

I try so much harder next year!!