[Archive] Different hats?


Hi, since I want my CD army to look like the 5th Ed. Big Hats, I need to make hats. Cylindrical ones aren’t a problem, but I’m having issues making the tapering ones, and those strange ‘drop’-style ones. Can anyone help?

Thommy H:

Golf tees? They come in a variety of shapes, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen ones that are a similar shape to the hats I think you’re talking about.


Have you tried looking in a bead shop?


Nope. But I didn’t think I’d ever find beads that look like that:


I’d just make it out of gs. The tear drop shape shouldn’t be that hard to make (haven’t used gs myself though).

I think golf t’s might be too pointy and thin, but if you built up around the base with putty I’m sure it they’d work just fine.

As far as beads go, they might be usefull for making the studs found on so many CD big hats.


GS would be difficult… It’s incredibly difficult to get it all even (instead of a misshapen blob). And it needs to be simple- I’m going to need lots to make a whole army.


You might consider combining the two basic shapes involved to make the teardrop, a bead for the base, say, and a plastic pawn from a boardgame for the taper.

Next time your in a craft or hobby store, maybe look around in sections you wouldn’t normally go to. Something may jump out at you.

Hopefully not a scary clown doll…