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Looking for more custumers for commission work. So i’m slapping up my prices and seeing if any body will give me a call.

Single 20-25 mm (Goblin-Chaos warrior) based mini: $3.25, Basing: $.75

Single 23x50 mm (Cavalry) based mini: $7.50, Basing: $1.00

Single 40 mm (Ogre-Swarm) based mini: $9.75, Basing: $1.00

War machines (Chariots-Cannons): $13.00(price includes crew), Basing: Pending*

Single 50 mm (Giant-Tank) based mini: $20.00, Basing: $1.50

Characters: $8.00**, Basing: Pending***

*The prices will varies depending on both what type of war machine you have and if you want it on a base in the first place.

**This can be added to if you have a character on a mount.

***This will be price on weather you have the character on foot or mounted and what type of mount the character is on.

I do a single miniature as a test for free.

Here are some examples of commission work i’ve donefor other people.

PM me if you want me to paint for you.

Kera foehunter:

so do you do small army of 10 ?? dino dwarf size


I’l pretty much paint any miniature.

Kera foehunter:

for ten figures i do a single figure x10 they be a 20 mm bace ??

or is there a price break for 10 ??


Strait $3.25 per miniature. For ten 20mm base guys it would $32.50.

Kera foehunter:

Thanks dino

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