[Archive] Dino's log of commission and ebay mini's


OK so for the past year or so people have been telling me that I should paint up miniatures for cash. Well I got to thinking and decided that they were on to something. So for the last couple months or so I’ve been taking a few commissions and seeing were it would go and how much I could charge and so on. But soon I began to realize that their aren’t a lot of people in my local area who want their miniatures painted by yours trully. So with some sound words from my local gaming buddies I decided to grab some miniatures to make small armies and sell them on ebay. With this log I hope to get good advice and possibly get some customers for my new little buisness. Swith out further adue here are some pics to get things roling.

First I’ll be showing pics of commissions i’ve done for people in my local area.

Painted this up for a guy who has yet to come get it from me. He paid $13.00 for it. I hope he likes it.

This was one I did I while back before I had actual prices for how much I paint things. The guy paid $13.00 and really liked it.

Now here are some things that will be going on ebay.

These two will be part of an Empire army from Wissenland I intend to sell. I like the way the Caption on foot turned out, much better than how it was before. However I’m stuck on the mounted wizard. I intend to grab a 20 state troops and make them swordsmen and grab ten handgunnersnfor their detachment along with some nights, outriders, and a great cannon.

This lot will obviously be an O&G army thats going on ebay as well. I have a Night Goblins shaman that needs to be started and a unit of night goblins that need to be bought sence I’m using all my BFSP ones as hobgoblins. I’ll also probably grab about 20 black orcs, an orc chariot, and a black orc character to finish the whole force off.

So what do you guys think?

Edit: Here are my prices and info for anybody who wants to have me paint for them.

The way it works for payment: The rules are simple. First, tell me what you want me to paint and how you want them to look. Then I�?Tll tell you how much it will be to paint them. After that you pay me the cost and I will write a receipt and take the miniatures you want me to paint.

Prices: The painting prices are as follows.

Single 20-25 mm (Goblin-Chaos warrior) based mini: $4.00, Basing: $.50

Single 23x50 mm (Cavalry) based mini: $9.00, Basing: $1.00

Single 40 mm (Ogre-Swarm) based mini: $12.00, Basing: $1.25

War machines (Chariots-Cannons): $16.00(price includes crew), Basing: Pending*

Single 50 mm (Giant-Dragon) based mini: $25.00, Basing: $1.50

Characters: $10.00**, Basing: Pending***

If you wish for me to purchase the item that you want me to paint that�?Ts fine. But you must pay the exact amount along with 15% of what I paid for it along with the amount you owe me for painting.

When shipping the items you want me to paint you�?Tll pay for both the fee to have it shipped to me and the fee to have it shipped back to you.

*The prices will varies depending on both what type of war machine you have and if you want it on a base in the first place.

**This can be added to if you have a character on a mount.

***This will be price on weather you have the character on foot or mounted and what type of mount the character is on.

Test Mini: To see if you want me to paint for you, you are allowed one free miniature for me to paint. This miniature can be painted and worked on until you are satisfied. One test miniature is allowed per army for other armies you want me to paint.

How to contact me: I only accept PM. This will be the main source of contact between me and my customers.

Hashut’s Blessing:

It all looks excellent and $13 sounds like a bargain for that level of work. Personal preference states I’d have the Cold Ones bony ridges (the flat of their heads) black though.

C&C (Please take constructively): Captain looks perfectly fine. Good job.

I think you may wish to reduce the amount of black on the sorcerer (preferably with a complimentary colour or a light bronze). I’d also suggest removing the panel of writing in front of the horse’s legs as it may make people less keen to buy it. Next thing, the green barding is too much. It stands out a fair amount from the blue, but the red of his beard makes it insanely garish… Perhaps line the edges with the same blue to make it fit more. I think that’ll work very well.

Spiders look very cool, with decent basing. I love how much the green eyes stand out. Will there be forest goblins riding them? If so, what sort of scheme are you thinking of?

I love the purple of that troll, but I’m intrigued as to how you’ll tie it in with the greenskins… Maybe have the greenskins’ eyes that purple and the scales of the troll a similar green to the orcs or whatever.

One quick question: Will you sell these as armies or as groups or individually at the same time as the rest of its army?

Good luck to you and it looks like you will make a fine amount of money!

Captain Crayon:

Dude I love the empire captain.

RE: Hashut’s Blessing’s comment about the purple troll…

All my trolls for my Orcsies are blue, and i found they tied in well just by using common basing. (I’m still stuck in the ‘red’ phase and i love flocked goblin green bases :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, if it fits in with just the bases, even better! It was merely a concern that I couldn’t judge as I see no greenskins, he he he. Still, let’s find out from Dino if that’s the same with his.


@Hashut’s Blessing: $13.00 is a steal, unfortunetly the guy i’m painting for thinks my prices are way to high. Though I only charge $3.00 a single mini like a goblin or dwarf. Any I have a lot to say so lets get on with it.

First, Good to know the caption looks just fine.

Second, thx for the tips for the mounted sorccerer. I don’t intend to leave him so black but I can’t decied if what coloars I should use for him to make him less black. I really kinda like the scroll infront of the horses legs and thought it would be an ineresting feature. The barding i’m just gonna redo period. To what remains the question but I think it will look better than it does now.

Third the forset goblins are gonna be basecoated snot green then with goblin green and scorpion green worked up to a final scorpion green highlight. I also plan to do the same thing with my hobgoblins.

Forth the troll isn’t purple its actually suppose to be ultramarines blue(damn camera). It will be tied together with it’s base. And to be honest trolls are suppose to be different then the other green skins, just look at stone trolls and chaos trolls(chaos trolls expecially).

Finally I plan to sell them all the armies together at first(somebody on another forum suggested that), and if that doesn’t appere to work then i’ll sell the units seperatly.

@Captain Crayon: Thx man. I hope to have more empire stuff soon.

Kera foehunter:

dino 13.00 is a great price . even at 4 dollar a figure that a steal.

just think what it cost for paint and paint brushes

btw i like the anvil

Hashut’s Blessing:

Yes, $13 is underpirced at best. That guy is a wolly for thinking it’s overpriced. If he won’t pay, he doesn’t get his model, it’s that simple, he he he. Such were the terms of the contract.

The slat in front of the horse is just personal preference. The staff, as I suggested, should be a light bronze-come-dark gold with a sapphire like stone in the top. Should look good and fit in. As for the barding, it looks really nice, but doesn’t fit in,hence the idea of lining it differently, but up to you.

Cool. Will they be similar sort of colours to the eyes of the spiders then?

I had a feeling it may have supposed to be blue, but it looks more purple in the pictures, lol. Such is the life of a camera. Still, I agree with the colours making them look different and glad to read that the bases shall tie them all in. What colour will the scales be or will they stay black?

You MIGHT get more money from selling them as armies, but IMO (which could be wrong) it may be easier to sell them as units (people wanting to have the army will have to win several bids which is more money for you) and it means that relisting them will be free, rather than having to split them up to relist them. Your choice though :wink:


@ Kera foehunter: It just might be a steal. But I charge $3.25 per mini. The paint really isn’t to much of an issue it’s the brushes that are more or less. Glade you like the anvil.

@ Hashut’s Blessing: He is, but he paid first so i’m not to worried. Good ideas for the wizard, like I said before I was totally stuck on him so this really helps. And the goblins eye’s will be red like the troll’s. The scales will probably be bone colour or stone colour, I haven’t decided yet. Right now i’m just seeing what will and won’t work on ebay. I can always change things later if I have to. But i’ll keep youre advice in mind for future eventures.


I’m back with just a little update.

I’ve completed more work on the spider riders and am just about ready to do the riders.

All I have to do now is britten the reds and start working on the riders.

Kera foehunter:

great job i like how the skulls on the spider are out lined in red and the spooky green eyes

Hashut’s Blessing:

Good lad for not worrying, he he he. Not a problem. I hope they help or at least get some sparks in ya mind :wink: As for the scales and eyes, it’s sounding good to me! As for the advice taking, I feel special, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

The spiders are looking good! Keep up the good work! (They look cool without the riders as well :smiley: )


@Kera foehunter: Thx for the kind words.

@ Hashut’s Blessing: Thx, your advice is always sound to me and has always turned out to be exreamly helpfull advice.

Alright The spiders are finished.

I’m kinda torn on the reds. I like them, but at the same time i’m just not sure. Well now for their goblin riders.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thanks :smiley: Glad to be of service. As for the reds, I prefer the current ones to the previous set of pictures, although that brownish colour looked quite cool as well. Get the goblins finished up soon!


@ Hashat’s Blessing: Ask and you shall recieve my freind.

Now I’m back and I need you painting gurus help with a test miniature i’m working on for a client.

<img src="http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g212/Dinoartist/Picture670.jpg[/img]
This empire swordsman is suppose to be painted in Averland colours but my problem is the yellow. Something I learned from doing the anvil above is that painting yellow is a major pain in the arse. I don’t think the yellow looks all that great. I plan latter on to really water down some vermin brown and giving the yellow a wash or two of it, but i’d like your guys advice on what I could do to make the yellow better looking.

And before I forget, I’ve got some work done on the spider riders.

Should have more up soon.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Spider riders are looking good. One tip for them is to add a little colouring to the standard’s “legs” because otherwise it’s a little too much black in one place. As for the yellow on the Averlander, what is wrong with the yellow? Do you wish it to be lighter or darker or…?

P.S. I’m a critic, not a guru :wink: Guru’s are good at it themselves, ya see :smiley:


Well the yellow are kinda suppose to be a little darker and not so bright.

And thx for the words on the spider riders.

P.S. And wasn’t just asking you but anywon else who was really good at painting in general.


Well the yellow are kinda suppose to be a little darker and not so bright.

For darker yellows, the foundation paints do a great job. Taucet Ochre is a particular favorite of mine, to highlight up, try mixing bleached bone instead of white, it stops the neon-ish phenomena!

I love foundation paints. <3


Thx Vexxus. And foundation are really our freinds. Like right now i’m painting some reaper lizardmen and using Mordian blue for their basecaot. Workes like a charm.

Well I went with my plan and came up with this.

I honestly think it looks better than before. It looks exactly how I wanted it to look. However it’s not about how I wnat it, it’s about how the client wants it.


Captain & spiders look really great!


Thx snyggejyppe.

Well I have good news from the client. He likes the yellow i’m doing. So now I can proceed with the rest of him wich should be the easy part.