[Archive] Disappointment or not?


Hi all I got these today and I’m not sure If I should be disappointed or not.they seem kinda small but I guess they are about the same size as the Big Hat BC’s…tell me what you guys think…( I didn’t glue any together yet, the one pictured is just stacked together for picture purposes)

on a 50x100 base with 25mm blocked off


I have to say i hate the whole Mantic Abyssal Dwarf range, but the halfbreeds even more so. Ugly as hell.


I guess its a good thing the heads are seperate so I can add something different…I’m not a big fan of the Mantic heads


I like the models, the look good, a bis small maybe but that easily avoided with a cool scenic base (they only have 2 attacks so they shouldnt be to big in my book).

Nice to see how the model builds up, I would consider giving them big hats (:


I think those casts are horrible Details is so soft. Like a kinderegg toy.


Sorry rich those are awful lol. eBay!


I guess I’m gonna have to try and make lemonade…


I reckon you should just buy some Chaos Warrior/Knight heads and swap them out. Then they would look awesome!!!

Those casts look like they need a lot of cleaning though.


I reckon you should just buy some Chaos Warrior/Knight heads and swap them out. Then they would look awesome!!!!
Those casts look like they need a lot of cleaning though.

I actually still have some chaos knight heads but they look a little small sitting between the shoulder blades of the upper body, guess I could always build it up a bit with some greenstuff...gears are turning...doesn't someone here on this site make CD heads and bits?


I have to say i hate the whole Mantic Abyssal Dwarf range, but the halfbreeds even more so. Ugly as hell.

Couldn't agree more. It's a shame Mantic got so much support with their fundraising while AOW generated so little in comparison. I can't stand their dwarf models, but their elves are not to bad.

Sorry but not a fan Richard.


i’ll be the disagreeing voice in the wilderness then,

I actually like them, i’m glad the style is a bit different from GW chaos dwarfs. Size wise, they are about the same as the old GW bull centaurs, although not as muscularly built.

I think that they’ll paint up fine.




wow these are… bad. I will say no more.


am really un-impressed by the quality of the casting. I wasn’t going near mantic for dwarfs anyway but that has clinched it


maybe they’ll look better with a paint job,I’m stuck with them now, but if I would have seen a post like mine before I bought them, I wouldn’t have purchased them either


While we are on the subject of mantic models has anybody bought any models from there goblin range yet sorry for hi-jacking.

Not a big fan of these Rich.

Blue in VT:

The metal ones are much better IMO…not everyones cup o tea. Can’t argue with the price!

I personally hate the idea of the much larger Bull Centaurs the GW is promoting these days…another example of how they force you to buy more figures to replace the perfectly good ones that they supported just a few months ago.

Money grubbing sons of bitches!



I hate to add to the drum beat of doom. But those are just ugh.

First off scale, they are not even close to big enough, its just a slightly larger centaur idea model. Not even close to monster cav or monster war-beast.

Second, that mold line, good god below. Who poured that mold batch? The drunk who lost a bet for who works night shifts? That is a seriously ugly mold line.

Lastly and this is the part that always gets me about the mantic models. The looks the aesthetics the over all appeal. Yes they are chaos dwarfs, but they have no mutations. The mantic ones remind me of the old chaos marine mutant space marine kit. Chaos dwarfs are uniform and large massive ranks one after another.

My friend I suggest the following.

E-bay as suggested before.

Return the item for cash back or something else(like a few beers to forget it all with).

With lots of time patience and far more skill than I could muster putty them into something that looks right and not like a evil chiwawa.


If these had come out two years ago, this forum would have been all over them and many people would have covered up the worst of the model with sculpted beards and such because they would have been the best scale BC-style model out there and at a decent price.

But it isn’t two years ago. It’s main redeeming feature of being just the right size has gone. It is a bit small compared to the FW models, and isn’t even a good model overall. It isn’t even a good casting, it looks like they used that bendy plastic that you find in cheap game pieces, not proper miniatures.

Groznit Goregut:

Those are the same size as the old Bull Centaur ones. So, I don’t see what people are complaining about. I’ve looked at them side by side and they are equal. I’d post a pic, but my camera fell into a pool and is not able to…

As for the mold lines, those are bad. I’ve gotten mantic stuff and not had those mold lines. You got a bad batch there.

As for the models…I like 'em! I HATE the Hellcannon crew. Looks like a Trent Reznor video. I don’t like all the conversions I’ve seen with Chaos Warrior parts, either. These look like real Chaos Dwarfs to me. Everyone loves to put the hate on Mantic, but I know most people tend to like them when the look at the in person. I do like my Mantic Abyssal Dwarfs.


I must be sick. I soooooo like em …