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Tarrakk Blackhand:

Ok, a question on dispel dice.

Do they “stack” from turn to turn? In other words, if it’s turn 1 and I don’t use dispel dice and a full turn goes by so now it’s turn 2, do I have the dispel dice from turn 1 and turn 2 avalible?

From what I read in the book, it appears that they are a one use per turn deal and they don’t stack, but I could be wrong.

Thommy H…come save the day!


Lord Archaon:

Yeap Dispell and Power dice don’t stack. :slight_smile: Though there are certain artifacts that let you save a couple of them for the next phase.


They do not stack up from turn to turn, unless your VC and you have black periapt and even then you can only store 1. Use ever dice every turn thats what i do there is not point in saveing them


you get fresh dice every turn and unless you got the items to store them you dont take them with you to the next turn.

hope this helped.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

ThanX Guys! It helped! :smiley: