[Archive] Dispel Scroll/ Chalice


Morgr Ashbeard:

I think dispel scroll, only because the chalice is an unpopular item and can cause some angst…also the dispel is a guaranteed …


I go with the chalice. You can use the chalice and still not be a jerk. The way I usually play it and never had an opponent complain, although they still admit it’s powerful, is to say that when casting dice are thrown the opposing player has to have a chance to dispel with dice before I can use the chalice. In other words a spell casting consists of throwing power dice and then trying to dispel if desired. I never use the chalice in the middle of a spell casting. Most players who aren’t use to the chalice will do what players usually do which is to cast a bunch of small spells to draw out dispel dice and then five our six dice the big one. You just dispel all the small ones then when you are out of dice use the chalice. For players who know about the chalice they will usually throw the big spell first and hope to get IF. Either way you stand the best chance. One other thing to do which I think makes most players a little more tolerant of the chalice is to announce you are attempting to dispel a spell and then using the chalice. That way you don’t run into the issue of someone trying to throw dice real fast before you use it. The chalice is OP for it’s cost, no doubt about that, but every army had something that is just about.


I will tell you right now, if you can shoe both items into your list its worth it. Sure the chalice lets you do dick moves, but if your going for competitive play, then its well worth it. If its just sit around beer hammer, then one or the other. As a style of play for many years I always take a scroll.


I used to argue that the chalice was enough. Then Pit of Shades took out a couple of warmachines and hell cannons in turn 1 and searing doom broke my Iron Demon before combat.

Now I have a dispel scroll for that crucial turn 1and 2 defence. And the chalice then lets you shut everything else down.


Wouldnt this title be a good thread for the DaemonsmithHandbook?


It would be, but I think we need a lot more input.


I have begun to use the chalice on a regular basis so I will report back all I can as I play.

So far here is what I have to report.

1 The FAQ took none of the teeth out of it, I could have sworn there was a FAQ limiting when it could be used but couldn’t find it. Instead it just clears up that yes it can be used whenever you want.

2 Using it whenever you want is MASSIVE. If my oppenet rolls 3 or less dice for the phase I will attempt to drain him in a heart beat. I have had at least 2 magic phases where the other player had no magic because he rolled poorly and I drained him right out.

3 As the teachings of Sun Tzu shows us he who masters all the elements of his battle ground will win. The chalice lets us compete very well in the magic phase. That leaves movement/shooting/combat, we can already own the shooting phase. Movement remains the weakest for us. So 3 out of 4 isnt too bad at all. Combat is usually ours by the time some one reaches us, shooting to wear em down.

4 Using this item is massive in the fact that it can make your magic phase just a wrecker, if you get 9 dice and they have 6, you can easily nerf them down to 3 or 4, while you have at least 6. You can two dice em out, or throw 4 or 5 at a power spell and try to sneak one in afterwards with 1 dice.

5 This item will set your opponent to start getting into a pattern of play. I found in my most recent game that the other player would defend on one spell and try to find the right one to shut down, just accepting certain helper spells getting through.

This is all I have to report on what I have observed so far.


If you have to choose between the chalice and the dispell scroll what would you take? and why?


i’d go for the chalice, because it’s not one use only. Though I’d take the scroll if i had juicy units which cost lots of points. It depends on the game point value too


If you can only take one or the other scroll would be my gut instinct. As good as chalice is, having a NO button is huge. Currently I have 75pts invested in helping my magic defense, sure I could spend the points in other areas, like a whole another khan to go play redirect with. But having both to keep the magic phase mine, thats priceless.