[Archive] Disruption as a focus?


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this last week about where the strategic/ gameplay focus of the CD should be in the future.

It needs to be something that is distinct to us, something that people could distinguish as a specific style of play.

What I’ve hit on is using disruption as a focus, followed up by a solid counter attact.

So for instance:

Earthshaker actually damages the landscape for the battle.

A Smoke Mortar (special choice) that blocks LoS for a turn (an area the size of the large template). Non CD units at least half inside are -1 to hit in CC and shooting.

Basically mess up the enemy plans, and create a sense of shell shock even if there isn’t a whole lot of damage being done. Psychological warfare.

These things would reduce the need for speed (as we lack the anvil and miners), and also reduce the importance of meat shields. We could advance at M3 and still stand a chance of attacking.


i think thats a really good idea. its something a lot different to the other armies, and goes along with what we have already.

an earthshaker that leaves a crater would be a good idea.


Not a bad plan. Units that march block would aid in disruption.

What about a shell that spills tar everywhere. Heh, impassible terrain?


Question is is why are CD’s immune to it? Other then that I think its a great idea.


I agree with Willmark that this spell should effect everyone, including CD.

The spell could even have a dual effect whereby any unit covered as mentioned above, would have a reduced chance of being hit, as well as a reduced chance of hitting if they attack.

This dual purpose would ultimately mean the spell would be more balanced as well as more versatile.



Its not a spell, its smoke.

The CD can see through it better than most because its like back at home. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any particular point to having the machine, it would help your enemy as much as you!

Kharrahk Flintwalker:

"would help your enemy as much as you!"

That is what a real smoke grenade does actually. You have cover, but they have cover as well, it is a trade off in order to gain protection.

Hobgoblin King:

So far as eliminating the need for speed, aren’t wolf riders and bull centaurs up to that? You all don’t think that a smoke grenade launcher would make the army too specialized? I don’t know seems like the hammer and anvil is a pretty basic battle type chaos dwarfs can adhere to. fast hard hitting units and units that are stalwart in the deffence. I don’t know seems like great taurus, bull centaurs and hobgoblin wolf riders smashing through the flank and blunderbusses and earth shakers holding down the middle is a petty unique battle tactic? What do you all think?


Personally I would not want chaos dwarfs focus to be disruption. Disruption as a focus would be fun to play with, but not against. It would become overused by power gamers and morph (like power rangers) into something ugly (like cheesy armies).


i totaly agree with theory_man


The idea is great and fit nicely in the CD background. It is true that it could be perhaps to much to stop the ennemie advance using only warmachines.

The only way to make disruption a balanced tactic is to make CD vulnerable to. Misfires could cause the same effect right were the machine is. Daemonic engines could attack CD units with the same effect. That would force CD armies to be extra careful when depending on disruption. Some expensive magic item could be used to supress those dangers, or even have an arcane engineer for that purpose.


Hobgoblin King-

Its important to not that yes while we have those units we are not a “hammer” army… Were dwarfs.


If the idea is good though, wouldn’t it be worth working at it to make sure it can’t be hideously abused?

Enemies can advance through the smoke, just not as fast.  That also assume that it scatters where you want it to.  Being 1 special choice as well, you would lose out on other hard hitting stuff.  I’d like to see a tournie player win with 2 of these in special!

I’ve modified the rules for the Earthshaker on my website (here) so that it messes up the terrain.  Also that it can use a smoke shell.


Would sappers of some sort be appropriate?

A unit of some sort that allows you to put traps/ explosive charges down mid game (i.e. suddenly revealing ones put there before the battle)?

(edit) Balseraph has got an interesting unit like this in the list he found. If you pm him nicely he might email it to you.

They would cause disruption, but would this be a step too far?


I like the idea of sappers that have laid traps or charges and perhaps added effect in sieges etc in destroying buildings and walls:hat

Lord Zarkov:

Another problem is it might be hard to keep track of these disruptions if they start affecting an area rather than a unit; depending on what you use it could easilly start to clutter the table and slow down gameplay.

Plus would a smoke mortar actually be used? a large template with that effect isn’t amazing for a special choice?