[Archive] Djinn of Fire from Shieldwolf Miniatures


It could be useful for K’daai monsters of some size, especially in Chaos Dwarf armies with a more exotic streak than a Chaotic one.


Supplied with a 40 x 40 mm base, I’m assuming they mean only the flat plastic base not the bigger/taller base in the pic.

If my guesstimates are right he stands about 40mm high at the top of his head. That’s a bit small for our K’Daii IMO but maybe a fire daemon


Well, a dwarf fire demon wouldn’t be out of place in an army of fiery Dwarfs. :wink:


Would probably work better in an Araby army to be honest :wink:

Fuggit Khan:

I like it…I would suggest sculpting a green stuff coiled beard on him :s