[Archive] Do all primachs suck?

zorn sabretooth:

[align=left]Do all primachs suck ? roboute gulliman gullimanwas a giant smurf, sanguinus looked like a girl, rogal dorn’s chapter had yellow armour and he has a profile on amazon (look it up if you don’t believe me,)[/align] dark angel’s primach was called lionel johnson ( yes , godbob thats’s his real name gw put a gap in it to make it seem cooler)

the only cool primarchs were the chaos ones (konrad curze and angron w00t!),

jaghatai khan and leman russ

Pyro Stick:

…I have no idea whats going on here. Ill just vote yes.

Thommy H:

sanguinus looked like a girl
Yeah, everyone hates girls.


Careful Zorn, apparently Roboute Guilliman’s coming out of stasis and papa smurf or not, he’s still a 7ft tall, genetically engineered killing machine.

OT - Does anybody else think of Robert Goulet when talking about the Ultra’s primarch?

Thommy H:

Does anybody else think of Robert Goulet when talking about the Ultra's primarch?


In name terms alone i mean. I don’t mean Mr Power Armour doing a spell of lounge singing. I think the tash alone excludes him from being a primarch…Russ and Jaghatai excepted naturally

Also Zorn, why does the fact the Fists have yellow armour make Dorn ‘suck’, do you know how much preparation and layering those marines spent on their uniform. We all know the White scars just undercoat theirs and leave it at that

But in all seriousness, what is the purpose of this as it seems you’ve already answered it with your first post. If chaos primarchs and several loyalists don’t ‘suck’ then the answer will be a no. As well as the fact that there are two missing so even if all of the the rest…sigh…‘sucked’ then the other two could be shaft and superfly for all we know


Personally, I think over the years GW has perfected the background fluff of the Primarchs and it is great reading material.

One of the few Chapters I never really liked before were the Alpha Legion. But the ‘great’ (fanboy here! :wink: ) Dan Abnett has changed even that with the Horus Heresy series book: Legion. Which I can recommend to anyone!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I only think “loyalist” guys suck because they didn’t defect to Chaos, he he he.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

The only book I own so far of the Horus Heresy line is “Fulgrim”, and after reading about the exploits of Fulgrim and Ferrus Manus, I can definitely say no sir, they don’t suck.


I voted no, only due to the fact that the background fluff is so great


Don’t forget the Night Lords’ Primarch, Night Haunter.

Because he was… y’know…like Batman.


No, comparing Night Haunter to Batman is similar to saying Chuck Norris’ roundhouse kicks might, -just might- cause injury.


Ok, so Night Haunter was like Chuck Norris in a Batman costume doing a Bruce Campbell impression.


nothing can be that awesome


Ferrus Mannus anyone? Iron Man? Anyone else think that Spacewolves, Iron Hands and White Scars are all variations on the same theme?

The Primarchs are seriously the best thing about space marines, and are the only thing that really sets my mind wondering.


Narflung’s right. The Primarchs ARE the best thing about space marines.

I find the name Lion’el Johnson strange though…

as for giant SMurfs, bring it on. but still I don’t think he’s too lame

sanguinus looked like a girl
Yeah, everyone hates girls.

Thommy H
Gasp! a blasphemy to both the Emperor and men!

Ghrask Dragh:

The Horus Heresy books are some of the best books around, I’ve enjoyed everyone so far!

Horus is a great character, not too different from Darth Vader - everyone thinks of him as the epitimy of evil but he really he has a quite sad story, far from evil, more of a result of evil.

Just for Horus alone, Primarchs definetly do not suck!!


I say no, because, technically, the primarch of the daemonhunters is the emperor himself, and he designed all of the other primarchs. But most of the rest of the primarchs are not as great as they should be for their positions…

My thoughts anyway.


zorn sabretooth:

by chaos i ment all chaos primarchs including horus p.s thommy h i bear no grudge againgst girls i just don’t like men who look like girls i’m not japanese !!!:wink:

pps yellow is the worst colour

ppps being a primarch doesn’t mean a damn when yor a giant smurf and YOU HAVE A STUPID NAME!!!

PPPPS konrad curze aka night haunter


:idea w00t!!! I am the only one whom zorn couldnt argue with or disprove… That means im the only one left… That means i win!!! I win! I actually won something!!! :hat

Still, valid point zorn, nobody likes smurfs!