[Archive] Do anyone here have a Skullcracker?


Hi, I recently noticed something a bit odd. I’ve seen lots of Iron Daemons on these forums, but not a single Skullcracker. Since I thought it was one of the best CD warmachines ever designed when I saw it the first time, although not better than the Hellcannon, this absence strike me as somewhat strange. I’ve seen lots of pictures of painted Iron Daemons, but only two pictures of painted Skullcrackers:
The Last Chance War: On the Painting Table: Warhammer Forge Chaos Dwarf Skullcracker

What do you think of the model and its rules? Do anyone here have a skullcracker?


I have one. Haven’t built it yet, as I suspect I’ll need to paint it in bits before assembly. I keep putting it off as I know it’ll be a massive hassle :slight_smile:


I have one, and the model is simply superb IMO. A bit of a pain to put together, but it looks sensational when complete.

The rules… there’s been plenty of discussion about this over in one of the other subforums, but IMO it’s a pretty terrible unit sadly. I used it last week against Beastmen, and it’s basically crippled by the fact it’s the only unit in the game (AFAIK) that can’t pivot before charging. So it is trivially easy for the opponent to avoid it or feed it 30-point units of Ungor, or whatever. For a 300ish point model, I don’t see how any halfway-competent opponent would ever let it achieve anything at all, except perhaps as a vastly overpriced tarpit.

Eventually my opponent generously moved his Bestigor horde right in front of it so it would have a chance of doing something (he basically felt sorry for me, else it would never have got into combat). It was pretty impressive once it did get stuck in, killing a lot of Bestigor and taking only a couple of wounds in return… of course Bestigor being Stubborn and with the BSB nearby it took three rounds of killing before the survivors ran away, though that’s not the Skullcrusher’s fault… but then Skullcrushers can’t ever pursue, so the Bestigor were simply able to rally anyway.

I guess people take Iron Daemons more often because they have guns, so can do something in the (very likely) event they don’t get into combat. You have to pay more points for a Skullcrusher and it’s less flexible. So I guess that explains that anyway. (I still don’t think Iron Daemons are very good).

The Skullcrusher is a fantastic model, but there are so few situations where it can do well (and just as many situations where it can do almost-literally nothing at all, eg. against Monstrous Infantry) that IMO it is simply never worth taking except for the fact it looks good. If it could pivot before charging, and pursue, and if it’s non-impact attacks affected all unit types (why exactly is an Ogre immune to being shredded into tiny pieces?), and assuming you play RAI not RAW and let it fight in the first round of combat if it should get charged, it’d be fantastic… but that’s a lot of “ifs” that simply aren’t the case (except perhaps the last). So it’s sadly pretty terrible IMO. (It’s been suggested to me that if you take two or three, they become harder for the enemy to avoid. Probably true, but that’s a big investment in both points and cash).

But yeah… I love the model. One of my favourites ever.


For a 300ish point model, I don't see how any halfway-competent opponent would ever let it achieve anything at all, except perhaps as a vastly overpriced tarpit.
Well, I'll be taking mine to a couple of tournaments later in the year so we shall see ;) If nothing else, it gives me a deadline to paint the damned thing.


I’ll probably take mine to a tournament just to force myself to get it painted.

Ender SpiteSworn:

Its nice, but hasn’t been out as long as the Iron Daemon, so more may still show up.

I really wanted to use one, but after the FAQ its hard to justify in a competitive list. You need to have the cannonade to make it usfull verse certain types of armies, so is just not a ballanced list unit. Taking two skull crackers would be pretty brutal, but then your basing your whole list around it, and well thats a lot to invest in a one dimensional list, that I wouldn’t really want to play every game.


It’s for smashing down walls in a siege really.


For me the reason why I have not fielded the model (I have it assembled) is simply the fact that its own rules make it very difficult to justify it.


I really like the model but the rules and points cost make extremely diffcult to uses and I would rather pay some more points and get a K’Daai destroyer


I would rather pay some more points and get a K'Daai destroyer
Just have both :)


@Baggronor: I’d be happy to field both if the rules were fixed to what Thommy was posting elsewhere…