[Archive] Do these rules make sense?

Thommy H:

Okay, so, after a burst of fervent activity this weekend I have my Chaos Dwarf list nearing a state where it can actually be shared with the world. However, while I have the Blunderbuss rules completely figured out, I’m struggling with how to word it in a concise and coherent way. So here’s what I have in the document at the moment, and I want to know if you can figure out how it works from the way it’s described. Bear in mind my space is limited at this point (if I make the rules much longer, it’s going to screw up the formatting). So I need to explain it both better and shorter. Or it might be fine, let me know.

Range: 18" Strength: 3

Special rules: Armour piercing; First rank may fire only; Strength bonus.

Each Blunderbuss model directly behind models in the first rank that are firing gives a +1 Strength bonus to the firing model’s shots, up to a maximum of Strength 5. For example, a unit of 10 Blunderbusses deployed into two ranks of five would fire five Strength 4 shots (each firing model has one model directly behind it). If a model in the unit is killed, one of the firing models would resolve his shots at Strength 3 only. Only the first rank of a Blunderbuss unit may fire, regardless of elevation or other factors.

Thommy’s Chaos Dwarf list


My suggestion:

If Blunderbuss armed Chaos Dwarfs are in multiple ranks they will add +1 Strength to that of the firing (front) rank for each complete rank, up to a maximum of Strength 5.  Characters and models armed with Blunderbusses that are not in multiple ranks will be resolved at Strength 3.  Only the first rank of a Blunderbuss unit may fire, regardless of elevation or other factors.

I didn’t know whether your characters can have blunderbusses and whether your unit was called Blunderbussiers etc.

Resolving it as a complete rank to get +1 strength is easier to work out.

Thommy H:

Okay, obviously they don’t make sense because what you’ve just written isn’t the rule!

It has nothing to do with ranks. That’s the point. Instead of having a situation where you can have a line of 30 models with 5 guys in a second rank and somehow they all fire at Strength 4 (which is the situation with the current rules), the Strength of the shot is determined by how many actual models are behind the ones firing. So, three ranks of six would mean the front rank fire at Strength 5 (each firing model has two models behind them). If one model from the back rank were removed, then one of the front rank would only fire at Strength 4 (because he’d only have one model behind him instead of two).

Forget characters. They have nothing to do with this. I just want a way to explain this (really very simple) rule in a way that’s easy to understand. It’s one of those things that’s really easy to get if you just explain it normally, but seemingly impossible to write an actual rule for.


The models in the front rank of the unit each fire a single shot. Each shot is resolved at Str3, with a +1 Str bonus for each model behind the firing model, up to a maximum of Str 5. So a unit of 15 CDs deployed in 3 ranks 5 wide would fire 5 Str 5 shots. Should one CD be slain, the unit will now fire 4 shots at Str 5 and one shot at Str 4.

Thommy H:

Thanks, Baggronor - I think that’s an improvement. Did you figure out the rule without my additional explanation though?


There are two main ways to write rules for CD with a blunderbuss.  One way is to write it for any model armed with a blunderbuss.  The other is to write it for units of blunderbussers.  Your method is probably more like the latter.

I think Baggronor’s version is more concise, but personally I think just doing it by complete ranks is much quicker to work out (maybe I’m lazy).  Using your method you’d probably see slightly wider deployment.

Thommy H:

Well that’s the idea. You don’t get a Strength bonus for five dudes at the back when your unit is three-hundred models wide or something.

Look, I’m not asking whether the rules are good - that’s a discussion for when (if) I post the whole list - I’m asking whether you’d feel able to play them with this explanation of the rules. Would you know how Blunderbusses work from these rules?

And yeah, I’m writing for units.


I tried a similar version to the current rules, but with a “more than half a rank” qualifier rather than the 4+. Worked for narrow units, just like yours would. I thought your explanation was adequate, but maybe a little lacking in clarity. It’s hard to think of any simple changes for it though.

Thommy H:

Yeah, that’s the problem. A diagram would probably help, but my document is pretty stripped down right now, so I don’t want to do that. Perhaps I’ll reword it a bit and just let you guys trust me that, if it were to ever reach a finished version, it would have lots of diagrams and examples to explain it!


Did you figure out the rule without my additional explanation though?
Yup :)

I definitely agree about the '5 guys in the back rank giving +1 Str to an entire battleline of BBs' rule, it is pretty silly with the current RH rules.


Range: 18" Strength: 3
Special rules: Armour piercing; Elevation; Strength bonus.

Only the first rank of a Blunderbuss unit may fire, regardless of elevation or other factors.

Strength Bonus
For each model ranked directly behind a firing model, +1 strength is added (up to a maximum of +2 strength for two models ranked directly behind a firing model).

Unit 1 would fire five S5 and one S4 shots. Unit 2 would fire 3 S4 and 2 S3 shots.
I tried to organize your idea a little bit better. Pictures with descriptions help explain the rule much quicker then just discriptions.


I would say that the rules as they have evolved make perfect sense.