[Archive] Do you get beat alot in warhammer

Kera foehunter:

do you get beat playing the same person alot

at my store ther this one guy i will play

and i get beat like 3 ot of 4 times

some times it the dice sometime it stupid mistakes

sometime it plain slaughter

i just wounder if anyone else have this great luck

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Do I get beat alot,Do I get beat alot!

Of course I get beat alot I play O&G for crying out loud but on another note I did beat a HE army with my O&G they got slaughter :slight_smile:


Oh, well, it depends… I should admit not playing so much but when I play at my local hobby store I have a nice score. Some victories, many draws and occasionally some losses, but not very often. :hat off

The real problem is a club where I play very rarely… the problem is that their level is really high, the play European tournaments and are really competitive. Every time I told them I’m more an hobbyst than a player but they have no mercy!!! :h
I got slaughtered every time… but I learn more in those matches than in any other occasion and they are really friendly persons and hobby lovers.
I’m happy to realize everytime that my dwarfs fight for their lives very hard, as real dwarfs shall do. :hat

and when the battle is over if I loose… there’s still time for a nice beer! :cheers


When I played more I… Uhum, rarely lost. I always make balanced armies which rather have weaknesses and looks cool than a powergamer army.

I like to think I make the right decisions and tactics and also admit I can be rather lucky with rolling the dice!


I have my statistics in the last about 2 years. and yes in both 40k and Fantacy there is this one guy (two diff guys for each game) that totally cheeses out his list and it is horrible. Common at a 2000 point game seeing 3 Landraiders… thats just horrible (but nice if you have lucky dice rolling)


Army - Wins - Draws - Loses

Vampire Counts - 6 - 1 - 10 (this was the first army I really started playing warhammer with, big learning curve)

Warriors of Chaos - 3 - 0 - 0


Necron - 5 - 2 - 1

Tyranid (this is actually my bros army… i just use it) - 3 - 0 - 4

Imperial Guard - 9 - 0 - 2

I have been playing a ton in this 2 years. Usualy played at 1000-1500 point games :slight_smile:

But ya some guys are just horrible and I can beat them.

Kera foehunter:

well the guy i play that beat me plays chaos warriors

my poor stubbies hold up for a while!! unless i cheese a list of shooters

i try to play 750 to 1000 pt to keep it a quick game !!

i been known to play 2000 pt

Father Grumpmas:

I get hammered all the time but I do tend to play lists that I like from a fluff point of view rather than the most effective use of points.

I’m also a poor judge of distance a lot of the time and don’t declare charges when I am probably in range.

But as a (slightly deranged) friend of mine once said “I’m into Warhammer for the chicks, not the glory” :stuck_out_tongue:

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Now that I think about it I only lost once with my DoC

but yesterday my uber killy bloodthrister (max 14 KB attacks:o) got smashed in the face by a stone thrower and died and didn’t killl one thing :mad

But it was a doubles match and my oppoment said if I was on my own I would of won :slight_smile:

So much for the best army


I generally go through an annual cycle of: Start new army - lose most games - get the hang of it - start winning most games - start another army :slight_smile:


It really depends on me. If im playing someone for fun just to play i usually tend to not pay attention who wins and we rarely count totals… though most of the time i would say they are bloody and probably almost ties or minors.

If im playing to win… i.e. tournament mind set… I tend not to loose on the RTT level, I have so many skulls, ghyphons, and Warrior Priest/Space Marines I don’t even show them… they are in a box…

On GT Tournaments, Because of the money involved in travel, food, hotel, and entry I usually just go as a learning experience and to meet people and tend to score in the bottom 50%. I also tend to be very courteous to my opponents and help them along when I shouldn’t.

I played Tom Van Dyke at Quake City Round 3, Great guy, and game and I loved his army (4th ed Big Hats with lots of hobs) he didn’t know that hobgoblins used the new orc animosity and that black orcs got armed to the teeth. I pointed it out turn 2 when he rolled 4 “6’s” on Animosity tests started to do remaining… (Hey Tom you have surges… Really?!?..Yep new animosity and you also get armed on those black orcs. He was surprised. I think more that I knew the army than telling him. He slaughtered me… (2 shakers, 6 BTs, no warriors… only Blunderbusses) we ended the game and talked about our opinions on the CD for nearly an hour at the end over a couple beers.


it all really depends. it always varies. someimes I get those days when i play several people an just get beat badly then days when that switches. but either way it’s fun


The victory is 50% in army selection, 25% your tactics and 25% your opponant’s tactics.

Get the first one right and have a nice ballenced army that plays up it’s strengths, and you’re on the way.

I’d say I win 2/3 of the time.

Kera foehunter:

Well father grumpmas lol  i guess you can score points there too!!!

!!!now Kera learn what warrhammer gamming about !!!

it a dating service!!! ha ha


I have a horrible win record. Since starting in late 3rd edition I’m 1/8…maybe. And best not to even speak of the infamous “Forest Burning Days” with the first Wood Elf army book…

On the bright side though, my WoC are 3 for 3!


With the current chaos dwarf list, if you play against any of the last 4 army books to be releases… dark elf, high elf, chaos demons, vampire counts you might as well just accept the defeat… Too many magic dice and too much cheese in those lists…

To see how bad it was, I played a 3500 point CD army against a 2000 point chaos demons list and got my butt handed to me, grilled and ready to serve… I’m no slouch when it comes to playing and do fairly well against any army that isn’t power-gamered up. However, the club I belong to is full of power gamers, so, I have to play their game, and unfortunately the CD’s are not a power gamer army… Or at least I haven’t found the combination to defeat 20+ powerdice in a 2000 point army…


I used to win all the time, then my wife started playing and I won against her too. Then I taught her some tactics and now she beats me far more than I do her.

Auretious Taak:

I tend to die alot in 40k or have to this point anyways though make REALLY good lists these days that alot fo people really quite like, though haven’t had a game in over a year or so.

Fantasy it is much the same, not played ina year or so now, which really sucks. However, I am especially good at Warhammer Fantasy.

Godbob and his jolly rogers

Do I get beat alot,Do I get beat alot!

Of course I get beat alot I play O&G for crying out loud but on another note I did beat a HE army with my O&G they got slaughter

Pish! Noob! I stopped playing my pure Night Goblin army with the current army book because I don’t like it to be honest, but the last edition I was undefeated with them for a straight 2 dozen games. Players tend to think it’s all about fanatics and magic, boy do they have it wrong! Yes my main opponents were dwarfs and I didn’t get to play many other opponents with the force but i did play a particularly hardcore tourney player who we played a 1k pt game whereby he designed his list to beat Night Goblins. I took my standard list (stuff a list tailored to anyone, gotta be against everyone and use the same list) and we drew, only because we got to the 6th turn and were having so much fun I said I wanted to use my Wallopa’s One Hit Wunda in combat on his lord so if we left each other’s unit alone he’d charge and we’d face off next turn for the heck of it. Of course, beinga sneaky Night Goblin, I used that ring that casts the Head Butt spell to 'eadbutt his general in my turn, and well, whilst it didn’t do anything, the dwarf didn’t take kindly to that. Unleash 5 strength 5 throwing axes and the flying hammer at my general and he was good and solidly dead. A chunk of my army fled and we drew because of it, but otherwise I was winning. No one expects a Giant in a 1k pt game. No one expects 2 in a 2k pt game, and everyone is scared crapless of it, so they shoot it. If the giant lasts to turn tow I am happy, turn 3 I am stuinned, 4 laughing, 5 I am jumping up and down lol! :wink: Then you have Squigs, and Squig riders, Magic, fanatics though not as many as most people use and all sorts of shooting fun - shortbows - no bolt throwers they are NOT Night Goblins, they are COMMON Goblins, yep, I’m a purist am I! Godbob, how to win with O&G’s is to have so many distractions in the army that the enemy has no idea what is going on. Half the time you won’t either but that is the true strength of Orcs and Goblins.

Dunno if this fully answered the question Kera.

Auretious Taak.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Oh yes! I have a Wood Elf player that keeps bringing in his heavy hitter in our 1500 P game. I’m playing Dwarfs with 1 attack and 1 wound and he’ll bring in Orion the Hunter with 3 attacks and 7 wounds (Or something like that) and walk all over me. Or he’ll use Dryads with Fear so I allways have to roll panic attacks and try not to flee.

Oh, and he’s sneaky. He’ll have some type of dispell dice or ward save when I’m hitting him with a cannon that ususally works out in his favour. He’s also the type to roll the much needed 5 or 6 when I continually roll 1 or 2. And then he’ll have units on horses with spears that can charge in 18" and totally surround my Dwarfs before both rows are spearing my guys to death.

It’s totally unfair. Also, I made a rule for my store that you couldn’t Proxie in any characters. You HAD to build them. So he ends up building his heavy hitters and mine are still in their boxes for lack of time to build them. I KNOW I could beat him because I have the Anvil of Doom, A Flame Cannon, an additional Miner unit and a slayer unit of 10. However, I can’t get them done. But I am working on an Ogre army which I’ll use as Mercanaries for my Dwarfs and let the Ogres get the revenge I so badly need! :smiley:


my CDs used to be destroyed by HoC but recently i won by quite a bit.


…we need to get the WoC soon army book soon.

my woodelfs just can’t win against dwarfs… well they cant win much at all.

but my CDs win occasionaly. i think i’m just a bad general


Yeah, I do loose my fair share. And probably someone else’s as well.

Part of it comes form switching armies too much. The other from not playing near enough. I’ve found that watching a game I’m a much better tactician. It is when I’m rolling the dice and getting caught in the game I don’t see much past the next glorious charge.

And a tendency to actually play Warhammer FANTASY battles as opposed to Warhammer fantasy BATTLES. I still remember the tournament game where I could probably have won (or at least drawn) if I’d deployed the important objective carrying unit in the corner of the table behind a large impassable rock (and the rest of my army). But what kind of game would that have been?

And I do have a Nemesis. He plays WE, not a fun prospect for my BoC army. I did win once, but a slight margin. Turn out having expensive characters that survive can be a good idea. Trick is to make sure they survive though.