[Archive] Do you intend to enter the Painting Competition?


I am trying to see what sort of interest level we have for the contest at the moment. Thanks. :cheers


Indeed I do, I’ve been working on my model and am only just getting around to finishing the conversion. So hopefully I’ll be able to get him painted before the competition ends, otherwise I’ll just enter one of my regular warriors.


I also intend to enter. Working on an extensive conversion!


sorry i am not… i do not have any BfSP figures…

i have big hatz…


Just trying to sort out photos, but otherwise am ready and willing.

Lord Zarkov:

I am unfortunatly too busy with other things, so will be unable to enter

Hashut’s Blessing:

I am waiting for my damned models to arrive (only been two weeks now!).


I wanted to enter but my new job has eaten up so much of my time, when I get home all I feel like doing is playing the guitar and then passing out. If I can paint something up this weekend I’ll enter, otherwise I guess I won’t be ready in time.



It should only take a couple nights! One to convert, another to paint. I hope you guys can find the time. :slight_smile:


I’ll try to get something done, a little time struck but I think I can find some if I look hard enough.


Because of the specific limitations on the model, and that I’ve got a tonne of other projects on the go, I will have to give this a miss.


Grim can’t scrounge up a single BFSP warrior? :0



I would love to, but the timing is unfortunate. I am working feverishly to get my khorne ogres done for Adepticon, which is the same weekend as the due date for the competition. Though I still plan on doing some dawi zharr conversions in the future.


Well, after finishing conversion on it just last night. I’ve started painting it today, so hopefully I’ll have enough time tomorrow and throughout the week to finish painting it and take some pictures of it.

I was very worried throughout the week as my uni work just kept on getting piled on and on, but hopefully I’ll manage to get it done.

The Dark One:

i would have, but i have no way of showing any of my models.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Alas, my models haven’t arrived in time. I shall not be entering until the next time. Such a whopping great shame as well.


that is why I registered here


I primed my entry, so I will probably be painting it tomorrow. :smiley:


Well, after seeing my pictures, i noticed I had brushed some of my skin colour over my scale mail.

Luckily, I still have tomorrow to fix it up and retake pictures, so should be all good.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I don’t know anyone who actually own BfSP so I have no access to the dwarves from that box. I’m looking forward to the results of everyone else, though. :slight_smile: