[Archive] Do you know MidNor dwarfs?


Just want to show this awesome army which is Mid Nor.

Probably some of the best dwarven minis ever…

and some of the biggest sentimental values to me.



Yeah, I’m sort of familiar with Confrontation and Mid-nor dwarves. Confrontation hasn’t quite taken off in Canada very well, but its getting there. I tried to get some of my friends interested in it about two years ago, but only had one taker. Since then, its dropped off again. I’m hopeful that with Fantasy Flight Games picking up distribution rights in North America that we’ll see more of it.

The Mid-Nor dwarves are cool - very different from most dwarf “kinds”. I really like the emphasis on puppets and effigy magic. Lots of unique models too, something that GW would be wise to pay attention to.


that scarecrow is awesome


the metal miniatures are going to be out of production soon arent they? as far as i know they are supposed to be releasing pre painted plastics, unless fantasy flight have bought the rights to produce the metal minis as well.

they do look cool but dont really fit into the warhammer world, maybe the sorcerers and stuff, but some of the basic troops would look a bit out of place, in fact that guy with the gun looks more like that little blue keyboard player from star wars!

Thommy H:

Wallacer uses a load of these in his army, doesn’t he? He’s managed to make it work, but I don’t think they’d fit in with many other Chaos Dwarf armies around here.


I don’t like the style at all, a bit too cartoonish.

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

they got pretty cool miniatures. A little better than GW.


oh, yah, I’m TOTALLY IN LOVE with Rackham. <3

although not that particular line… I like the Cynwall models :slight_smile:

the scarecrow is nifty. would be fun to make in The Wizard of Oz :wink:

Kera foehunter:

they have the best dwarf chicks~!!!


they have the best dwarf chicks~!!!!!!!
Yes ma'am!

And about the production... all those metal models are out of production yet. And because Rackham ("big R" like we say in france...) want to trash 2 or 3 races for economical reasons, maybe we wont see midnor dwarfs anymore. :mad