[Archive] Do you know what some people hate about a leech?


He often sticks around.

After hearing that Chaos Dwarfs were allowed in the GT’s I started remembering this place, and the great community established here!

So after a long, long trek through the madness of DakkaDakka, I am, yet again, back.

This time though, I’m planning on actually working some more on my Chaos Dwarfs, and I’ll have a test model up in about a day.


Welcome back.  Just can’t get rid of those leeches can we! :cheers


'Fraid not.

Good to see ya, Grimstone.


Fine that you found the way back to CDO!


Hashut’s Blessing:

Welcome back (again :wink: ), mister leech. Hope the absence was restful :stuck_out_tongue: Get that model done and up :wink:

Kera foehunter:

well there nothing worse than a cryonic leech !!

***Kera stick him with a burning stick **

that how i get ride of leeches lol just kidding

welcome back!!! old buddy


Well, glad to see the ‘ol crew’s still kickin’.

I’m almost done with him, I should be able to post up on Friday (provided my camera doesn’t fail on me)

Luckily, I’ve also gotten my hands on a solid income, so BFSP is another thing I’m lookin’ at buying.


I think one thing they hate about leeches is that if you squeeze them, they squirt blood all over.



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Hopefully no one has cockroach in their username; ghost things are damn tough to exterminate…