[Archive] Do you know where these dice are from?

Da Crusha:

I got these dice in a lot purchase so I dont know anything about them. do any of you guys recognize them from a particular game?

Thommy H:

I would imagine they’re generic marker dice produced by a 3rd party, but designed to be compatible with 40K.


I’ve seen them in use at a game club years ago.

I’ve emailed my mate who I went with, maybe he might recall.

Will report back.


Not sure- Ive bought my vehicle damage dice from my shop. (When I had 20%, otherwise i wouldnt spend that much on damage dice)


damn, he says ‘don’t know’

sorry I wasn’t of more use.

Da Crusha:

at first I thought they were flames of war dice because it came with some FoW stuff but as it turns out they are not. maybe the dice are just generic dice.

So Ive looked up damage dice, description Dice, State Dice, 40K dice, Generic 40K dice, condition Dice, Marker Dice, Token Dice, specialty Dice, Specialty Game Dice, Generic game Dice, weap. dest. dice, what are some other names I could try?


Try looking for “Evil Minions” Battle status dice or Marker dice - but might be hard finding. I had a quick look, but didn’t find some for sale. thewarstore.com used to have them - but can’t find them anymore :frowning:


EDIT: Okay Clam, try again - you stupid

Da Crusha:

wow thanks a lot for the links clam, thats exactly what I was looking for.