[Archive] Does Hashut need a new lore?

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

I was wondering last night in my comtemplation state if when the new CD book is out (if it ever will be) that CD should have a ‘lore of Hashut’ it struck me as odd that almost all armys have there own unique lore and that the BRB lore’s are going to waste (although most armys have an option to use those lores)

Now don’t get me wrong a ‘Lore of Hashut’ would be cool but unnecessary. I mean you’ve all tried the BRB’s lores and have used them but wouldn’t it be simpler to just use them instead of a new one? I blieve to tackle this a CD wizard may use the lores ‘Fire’, ‘Death’, ‘Metal’ and ‘Shadows’ the problem is they are all connected to Hashut

Do you think that players should pick one lore or should there be a system that allow’s magic users to mix & match lores?

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My feeling on the current Lores is that fluffwise they reflect the unique historical relationship between the elves and empire.

I don’t think the CD would really fit into this, they are certainly clever enough to create their own spells that use the same winds of magic.

Also having our own lore makes us more characterful I think.  If it just comes down to making a few different spells it’s not really that difficult for GW to do.

Thommy H:

The current Lores more than replicate the old Chaos Dwarf magic. I’m of the opinion that it isn’t necessary to create any new spells - Chaos Dwarfs can’t do anything that isn’t represented adequately by the Lores of Fire, Metal, Shadow and Death.

Remember, the spell descriptions are not always set in stone - they’re just examples of the kind of thing an Empire wizard would do with that particular Wind of Magic.


Yes i think that we do, Grimstonefire raises a good point about the relationship between high elves and the empire and the standard magic lore�?Ts. With our own separate god it means that we could have a new lord just based around aspects of hashut :hashut

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

As Tommy said what you can get in a ‘Lore of Hashut’ you can also get in Fire, Shodow, Metal and Death

Kera foehunter:

well i think it would be cool !! So at least you fanatical Hashut followers
have some thing to do !!
it would keep you busy !! good luck !!

Thommy H:

The last issue of Word of Hashut included a Lore of Hashut, actually.


I don’t really mind if Hashut gets his own Lore. If he doesn’t, then Metal/Fire/Shadow/Death are more than sufficient, although I think Heavens would also be appropriate.

If he does, all the more power to us.

This is largely my attitude toward the Lore of Athel Loren - Beasts, Life and Tree-Singing as a bonus spell would have been sufficient, but I don’t really mind the addition of the Lore.


What about a CD version of the dwarf runes? they are dwarfs after all, and you can put much of the characteristics of CD’s into them

Thommy H:

Most of the background makes it pretty clear that the Chaos Dwarfs have turned their back on Runic magic. It seems to have been replaced, in their current, nebulous incarnation, with Daemon-binding.


Departing from the idea that all the weapons and armour of WoC are made by chaos dwarf (in the latest army book even the chaos armour is made bij chaos dwarfs) they still use runes: chaos runesword and shield.

An other Idea is to make a Deamon-binding lore, in which the priests bind deamons, and get a sort op dispell-scroll like idea, where they can use the spells later on.

Thommy H:

The Runesword is made by a renegade Chaos-worshipping Dwarf, not a “Chaos Dwarf”. The Runeshield is specifically made to break Runic magic too. I’m certain they put runes on their stuff, and that some of them have certain powers (the same as normal Chaos runes and so on), but I don’t think they use “Runic magic” like Dwarfs do.


How about some sort of magic in which the priest binds deamons in units and weapons to give them frenzy, extra movement and Ws or wounds?


Didn’t a Lore of Hashut appear in Issue #4 of the Word of Hashut or something…


Dwarfs using magic is so odd that a unique lore wouldn’t seem unreasonable. Having said that fire, shadow, metal and death would adequately suffice.

Border Reiver:

I agree that while it would be nice to have a unique lore, the present options work fine, and in general simulate the effects of the old spells pretty well.

I would much rather get some updated rules, than a new lore. If I could get both great, but I know what I’d take if I had to choose.

Ancient History:

One of the things being strongly hinted at in the last couple years is that Chaos Dwarf sorcery and daemon-binding evolved or developed from Dwarf runecraft. Although that’s not to say the two couldn’t be separate (Sorcery from Hashut, Daemon-Binding using runes).


i would foresee an chaos dwarf specific lore and or sorcorous phase, either thru daemon binding or some casting. If the casting route then i could see the option to use other lores, just as they have with other castings.

Lore of Hashut would always be my first option if given a choice.